Cristina Benedicto

DRE License: 01457481

About Cristina Benedicto

With effective communication being crucial to smooth real estate transactions, it pays to have an agent like Cristina Benedicto negotiating on your behalf. Having been immersed in cross-cultural cities all her life, she’s all about communication. Her fluency in English, Tagalong, Spanish, Cebuano, and Illongo is just one facet of her deft communication skills. She also has a masterful ability to read diverse cultural social cues that could easily trip up less informed agents. When navigating the at-times tumultuous landscape of real estate, you won’t find a better guide than Cristina. You might say “real estate” is yet another language in which she’s masterfully fluent!

Her love of communication was fostered in her formative years. Growing up in cosmopolitan Cebu City in the Philippines, Cristina was immersed in a variety of European, Chinese, Indian, and American cultures, soaking up every nuance and cultural custom with her insatiable curiosity. She learned complex levels of tact and sensitivity that she regularly uses to this day. These skills were further honed by her move to the diverse cityscape of Los Angeles where her work continued to introduce her to the diverse cultures that make up our city’s multiethnic communities.

Cristina further demonstrated her stamina, persistence, and unwavering determination by obtaining her Master of Arts in English Literature. This helped her to further develop her natural inclination for unconventional problem solving that, when combined with her unmatched communication skills, finds her paving smooth roads to real estate bliss for her clients.

When not navigating complex real estate transactions, Cristina follows her other passionate pursuit of becoming a writer, diligently drafting a historical narrative about the Second World War as it played out in the Pacific Theater. She also loves traveling to New York to catch up with her family, dancing the Argentine tango, taking in the occasional opera or play, and relaxing to classical, jazz and blues music.

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