Afa Siahaan

DRE License: 02102897

About Afa Siahaan

Afa Siahaan recognizes how her bicultural background and bilingual skills have made it easy for her to relate to any client, a trait that frequently comes in handy in the kaleidoscopic diversity of the Greater Los Angeles area. She loves that her career brings her into contact with so many fascinating personalities. Keeping her faith, honesty, and integrity at the forefront, she applies a goal-driven approach supported by her carefully cultivated resourcefulness, painstaking attention to detail, and warm, bubbly personality that sets her clients at ease, even as she helps navigate them through major financial decisions. Clients love her active listening skills, empathetic approach, and creative thinking that give them an edge in the competitive real estate market.

Afa was born in Indonesia where she went on to graduate from the University of Indonesia in Jakarta, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics with an Associate’s Degree in Office Administration. Professing an insatiable thirst for knowledge that found her mastering her English studies in less than three years, Afa continued her education soon after moving to the United States in 2007. Attending college in Santa Monica, Afa added an Associate of Arts in Graphic Design to her impressive scholastic repertoire.

After being approached by a real estate agent who recognized Afa’s hard work ethic, authenticity, and dedication, she began to pursue her career in real estate. She started by working as his assistant, learning her new trade through immersive experience. But it seemed like no time had passed before she obtained her real estate license and began to make clients’ dreams come true. Today, she maintains a residential focus in the Burbank, Glendale, and Fontana neighborhoods, but is already curious about expanding into other types of real estate in other areas of the city.

When not traveling the Greater Los Angeles area working real estate miracles, you can often find Afa singing her heart out in the recording booth as she works on her debut album. She also loves salsa dancing, perfecting her graphic design skills, exploring her culinary creativity, and jet setting around the world, having already visited 19 countries so far! Always hungry for new experiences, Afa also hopes to write a book in the future.

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