Tina Damadyan

DRE License: 02022595

About Tina Damadyan

Respected residential and commercial realtor Tina Damadyan has been making a name for herself in the Greater Los Angeles area over the last few years with her remarkable gift for uniting colleagues with their dreams, no matter how seemingly unattainable. But her natural inclination for managing real estate behind-the-scenes wasn’t immediately apparent to her.

Tina moved to the Glendale/Burbank area with her family when she was less than a year old. Her naturally inquisitive spirit found her learning every nuance of the sprawling Greater Los Angeles area. As time progressed, she handily achieved her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing with a minor in Business from Cal. State Northridge. From there, she wasted no time jumping into the real estate game headfirst, but from the development and property management side. She was a natural success, but it still felt like something was missing.

She was gathering accolades as a regional portfolio manager for one of Southern California’s largest developers when it hit her. What was missing was the beating heart; the soul that imbued each of these properties with their own character. So she resolved then and there to immerse herself in the emotional client-facing side of realty for which she so longed.

Today, most of her clients recognize her fondly as “Tina D-Agent”. And she gets to live her dream everyday of guiding her clients through some of the most important milestones of their lives. She believes that the journey to one’s forever home or next portfolio acquisition should be exciting but not overwhelming, joyous but never stressful. She’s made balancing the logistical and emotional sides of real estate an art form, understanding the sentimental significance of each transaction while getting the highest results for her clients.

Her career has found her exploring every facet of real estate including permitting, construction, design, property management, and marketing strategy complete with social media, advertising, and public relations), but she never forgets that it all means nothing unless she truly comprehends her clients’ visions and needs. It’s why you can count on Tina to always elevate her client’s interests above all other concerns. It’s also why, despite offering service to a vast roster of clients, each would say they feel like Tina’s most important.

Tina may not let on that she has an adventurous streak, but she loves traveling the world in her personal time. She also always makes time to work out, maintaining the energy and zest for life her line of work demands. If you’re ready to share your dreams with an agent who not only listens but knows how to make them reality, reach out to Tina!

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