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The Los Angeles real estate market is hot right now, and homeowners like you are cashing in by selling their property at the peak of the season! At JohnHart Real Estate we believe that when it comes to selling your property few things are more important than choosing the best real estate agent possible. Why? simply because your Realtor is responsible for pricing your property based on his determination of its current value, and marketing your house to attract as many potential buyers as possible. Mis-pricing a property for sale, or under marketing a listing, is catastrophic and will result in lower offers and a longer sales period overall. For this reason at JohnHart we take care of the marketing and pricing for our agents. Dedicated marketing experts and experienced brokers, make sure that all the properties our agents list for sale receive the highest and best offers, and subsequently sell for the most amount of money possible! Whether you live in Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena, or anywhere else in Los Angeles, we have agents who can help!