What makes us different?

We are an army of like-minded driven, innovative, dedicated, curious, adaptive, and forward-thinking individuals seeking additional superstars to assist us in our ongoing mission to redefine real estate. Are you in? Apply today. We’d love to hear from you.


Olive Garden may have retired their “when you’re here, you’re family” slogan – but this statement still rings true for us. Our tribe is hard-working, open-minded, and tight knit. Most notably, we’re comprised with intelligent professionals that are not job-driven, but career-driven. JohnHart employees embody a level of ambition that not every company is accustomed to operating on.


Your vibe attracts your tribe. This resonates with us as we are all about innovation, inspiration, tenacity, self-discovery, and positivity at our core. Every JohnHart family member understands that limitations are for in-the-box thinkers. The sky isn’t the limit, it’s just beginning of the ladder. We’ve got a lot farther to climb. We’re just getting started.


Our company’s founding principles are the bedrock on which we make good choices and gain a competitive edge. Our principles are statements of what we stand for and believe. It’s no longer enough to just have values that we add to our handbook or include on our website. We need to live by a set of rules and ensure they are ingrained in our DNA in order for us to believe them.

We have created a culture of adults who understand responsibility. Read our code.


The real estate industry as a whole is not modern, but we are. We have redefined the real estate industry and hold ourselves, our staff, and our agents to new undefined heights. Join us, let’s elevate together.

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