JohnHart Real Estate - Who Are We?

JohnHart Real Estate is a full-service real estate firm headquartered in Los Angeles and led by a team of industry experts. Established with the sole purpose of redefining real estate, JohnHart has a proven track record when it comes to our experience, support and success.

"JohnHart Real Estate was created for one reason: to fill a void within the industry. I noticed that when it came to buyers, sellers, and even agents, they were being forced to conform to either a bare bones online approach (lacking quality service) or an outdated and inefficient system!"

"JohnHart is combination of efficiency and quality, and the byproduct is a client forever!"

- Harout Keuroghlian, CEO

One For All, All For One

At JohnHart, we treat our clients like staff (family) and our staff (family) like clients. The thing that sets our company apart from the thousands of others in this industry is our commitment to training and follow-through. We are committed to each of our agents having more knowledge, access, and passion than other agents. We have founded our company with a focus on relational networks -- we invest in our agents and want to provide them with the tools and attention to succeed. We whole-heartedly believe in each of our agents and encourage an open-door policy that, in response, encourages them to ask for help when they need it and flourish when they achieve it. The benefits of this are happy clients who have received the best service in the industry and agents who are building their ladder(s) of success.

Our B.R.A.N.D M.E.S.S.A.G.E - Ideas, Ideals, and Principles That Define JohnHart!

BE the person you have always admired.

 We turn exceptions into RULES

 The ANSWER we need already exist, we just need to be creative enough to find them.

NEVER "no" - Always "yes"

DON'T take for granted, take advantage.

MOMENTS are stepping stones to bigger moments. Don't be afraid to fall off the stone to gain the momentum of the bolder.

 Chase EVERY opportunity.

SUCCESS = good ideas + consistent execution

 We believe it so you can SEE it.

ADDICTION. Passion is our coffee.

GET in the zone and never stop!

EXCEL. Be the progress.

JohnHart Real Estate's Core Values


Our mission is success. Its what we see, hear, feel, taste and touch. It's at our fingertips and it is the hanging beacon that motivates us. We do not believe success is synonymous with luck. Luck is something that falls into your lap. Anyone can "get lucky" at any time. And when the luck fades away, what is left? Our mission is not just a hope or a prayer, but a consistent, thought out, well-executed set of vivid steps that will bring us, every time, to success' door.


We believe in big ideas. We believe that the steps we take today will build monuments in the future. We believe in building a lasting legacy -- one that solves problems, fights battles, builds dreams and propels those dreams into reality. We believe in paying it forward, not just for the future of us all, but for the future of the industry as well.


We put everything in perspective, here at JohnHart. Every experience is a stepping stone to another, more enriching experience. There is always the driving desire to execute all our tasks with emphasis and precision, but not at the cost of making mistakes. We believe in the bigger picture, we believe that our clients are a huge part of that tapestry, and we believe we have all the tools to make all of our dreams come true.


Our company builds future leaders. We want every member of our team to feel as responsible for successes as each does for failures. Leaders do not become great by blame-shifting, but instead, by taking responsibility for the short-comings as well as giving credit for the successes of their team. Though we value every contribution of each staff member, we want to be strong enough to be as effective if we do not have them at our disposal. We encourage our staff to turn every opportunity into success.


We value people. We cherish existing relationships as much as new ones. We value humility and know we are no better than our worst characteristic. We value drive, stamina and innovation, as well as people that are hungry to learn and desire something better.

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