JohnHart Real Estate's Support Team

A company is only as good as it's "support team", and at JohnHart we truly believe this. Our support team has been an integral part of our success, and deserves just as much credit as our agents. Through constant vigilance on their files, and impeccable maintenance of the relationships we have with our clients, they have furthered our cause of redefining real estate.

Below are the JohnHart Support Team Members, who are here to help you succeed in your real estate endeavors!

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Harout Keuroghlian

CEO and Principal Broker

John Maseredjian

Vice President

Jenny Manukyan

Transaction Mgr

Henrik Shaknazaryan

Director of Realtor Relations

Laura Riley

Graphic Designer

Jessica Tovar

Agent Liaison

Maral Avadisian

Agent Liaison

Norberto Uriarte

Agent Liaison

Alice Ananyan

Agent Liaison

Jesse Ortiz

Sr. Web Developer

Megan Husri

Business Development Director

Hank Stahlecker

Media Director

Yorleny Moreno

Asst. Agent Liaison

Ivy Patigayon

Asst. Agent Liaison

Ovsanna Khacheryan

Asst. Agent Liaison

Selvy Buchanan

MLS Coordinator

Mario Gastellum-Caro

Asst. Agent Liaison

Karolyn Peyton

Asst. Agent Liaison

Ani Garibyan

Director of Business and Legal Affairs

Inga Babakhanyan

Director of Agent Development

Kayla Strauss

Scheduling Coordinator

Liliana Elias

Agent Liason

Jerry Guiragossian

Field Coordinator

Cade Hahn

Field Coordinator

Aleen Ohanian

Asst. Agent Liaison

Andy Baquerizo

Graphic Designer

Sevak Hakoyan

Independent Field Coordinator

  • 818-246-1099 - Office
  • - Direct
  • 888-965-6161 - Fax

Sarbartha Rana

Sr. Application Developer

Sonia Samadi

Brand Ambassador

Louisa Park

Graphic Designer

Russel Dunn

Content Director