JohnHart Real Estate's Support Team

A company is only as good as it's "support team", and at JohnHart we truly believe this. Our support team has been an integral part of our success, and deserves just as much credit as our agents. Through constant vigilance on their files, and impeccable maintenance of the relationships we have with our clients, they have furthered our cause of redefining real estate.

Below are the JohnHart Support Team Members, who are here to help you succeed in your real estate endeavors! Interested in joining our growing family?
Call us at 818-246-1099 or email

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Harout Keuroghlian

CEO and Principal Broker
DRE License: 01211483

John Maseredjian

Vice President
DRE License: 01874369

Jenny Manukyan

Director of Operations
DRE License: 01874389

Lindsey Wallace

Director of Marketing

Nick Taschyan

DevOps Engineer

Jason Troshinsky

Head of Talent Acquisition

Norberto Uriarte

Agent Liaison
DRE License: 01910267

Alice Ananyan

Agent Liaison
DRE License: 01930411

Jessica Tovar

Agent Liaison
DRE License: 01930690

Kimberly Pantig

Agent Liaison
DRE License: 01310438 & NV B.1002569

Margaret Ghazarian

Agent Liaison
DRE License: 01385408

Jenn Caroc

Agent Liaison
DRE License: 01758755

Nancy Marie Ruiz

Agent Liaison
DRE License: 02034370

Michelle Huff

Agent Liaison
DRE License: 01983931

Jack Seferian

Property Acquisition Director

Tibor Marton

Regional Manager
DRE License: 02087386

Marc Gross

Regional Manager
DRE License: 01983128

Lauren Griffin

Regional Manager
DRE License: 02220810

Selvy Buchanan

Head of Agent Relations

Mario Gastellum-Caro

Agent Liaison Assistant

Jennifer Perez

Agent Liaison Assistant

Crystal Olomu

Jr. Agent Liaison
DRE License: 02110514

Noelle Sabyrov

Jr. Agent Liaison
DRE License: 02165076

Alejandra Almada

Agent Liaison Assistant

Kester Abad

Agent Liaison Assistant
DRE License: S.0184886

Brisa Parra

Agent Liaison Assistant

Louisa Park

Lead Brand Designer

Rob Accatino

Marketing Manager
DRE License: 02065809

Ejmin Yaghoobi

Marketing Manager

Heather Moran

Digital Media Manager

Pedram Pirouz

Graphic Designer

Jason Han

Graphic Designer

Brian Warouw

Graphic Designer

Seth Styles

Senior Copywriter

Severina Hernandez

Scheduling Coordinator

Vanessa Wong

Construction Assistant

Salil Bhise

MLS Coordinator

Jesus Salazar

Construction Assistant

Mary Del Favero

Marketing Manager