Severina Hernandez
Scheduling Coordinator

Severina Hernandez

About Severina Hernandez

Severina Hernandez brings a delightful blend of charisma, organizational skills, and an unwavering commitment to efficiency as the Scheduling Coordinator at JohnHart. Born and raised in the heart of the Central Valley, Severina proudly hails from the charming town of Tulare. She embraces the small-town spirit and deeply appreciates the hardworking community that fuels the region's agriculture. With an impressive decade of experience in marketing and social media management, Severina has honed her skills at two startups - one in the health and wellness industry, and the other a custom gift box company. Her marketing mojo is unparalleled, ensuring our schedules not only run like clockwork but also shine bright! A relentless seeker of personal development, Severina flourishes when it comes to sharing her wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and insights on personal growth, as well as providing valuable tools to help others embrace their own brilliance. She seizes every opportunity to expand her skills, devouring knowledge from workshops, books, and beyond. She is a true embodiment of the growth mindset.

When Severina isn't expertly managing our calendars, she can be found exploring the great outdoors with her trusty red-nosed pitbull, Maxwell, by her side. Together, they embark on thrilling hikes, savoring the beauty of nature and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Severina possesses a superpower - the ability to unleash dad jokes that can make anyone laugh, groan, and maybe even roll their eyes a little. Laughter is the secret ingredient to a smooth schedule, and this dynamo has it in spades!

Severina embraces all tasks with an efficient, creative, and calm-under-pressure approach. Her positive attitude shines through even in the most challenging situations.

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