Relocation Incentive Program

The basics of a short sale are centered around the fact that your property is currently worth less than what you owe the bank for it!

JohnHart is a priority partner with most banks, and as these incentives are rolled out and increased we are notified about them.

We are finding that the success rate for us obtaining our clients between $30,000 and $45,000 is going through the roof.

Furthermore our team of short sale specialists can assess your situation and give you solid FREE advice on how to avoid foreclosure, and procure up to $45,000 Cash in the process.

As the housing market continues its downward trend in value and major lenders have become aware of the increasing benefit to all parties who engage in a short sale, we have seen a drastic increase in the money we can obtain for our clients... but time is money, so you need to act fast!

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