Alberto 'Berto' De Jesus
Senior Photographer

Alberto 'Berto' De Jesus

About Alberto 'Berto' De Jesus

As JohnHart’s Senior Photographer, Alberto ‘Berto’ De Jesus is responsible for finding the perfect angle in structures that have thousands. He has a gift for discovering the essence of a property and highlighting it in a way that accentuates the dream of homeownership while also illustrating its attainability. He also excels at showing the unique relationship between people and property with his captivating lifestyle shots.

Berto is happy to call Los Angeles home, finding neverending inspiration in the city and its myriad neighborhoods. But, above all, he’s grateful to live his passion for photography daily. On the rare occasions when he’s not viewing the world through his lens, you’ll likely find Berto exploring his environment, watching a movie, or perfecting a new dish in the kitchen.

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