Mario Gastellum-Caro
Agent Liaison Assistant

Mario Gastellum-Caro

About Mario Gastellum-Caro

Mario was Born in Culiacan, Mexico, and moved to moved to Paramount California in December of 1987. He enrolled in school in 1987 and quickly learned how to speak English by talking with his friends/teachers as well as watching E.T. on a constant loop. He spent the first 14 years of his life living in Paramount and graduating at 17.

From there, Mario went to Long Beach City College where he challenged himself by taking as many courses as possible in various subjects such as Broadcasting, Journalism, Astrology, Philosophy, Piano, French, German, along with the required courses needed to transfer. He graduated with an Associate in Arts in Liberal Arts, when a guidance counselor suggested for him to get the degree, but continue to study different areas that interested him.

Mario has worked in several different fields throughout his life. He was a shipping manager for a paint company, scheduling coordinator, dispatcher, customer service, help desk, courier, as well as getting his hands dirty as a custodian.

All of those jobs have brought him to JohnHart, where he believes that he is accomplishing one of his most fulfilling role. He is a part of a team that helps people live the American Dream of being a homeowner. He is in the process of getting his Real Estate license, and hopes to play a significant role in the growth of such an amazing company that is JohnHart.

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