Louisa Park
Senior Graphic Designer

Louisa Park

About Louisa Park

Louisa is a graphic designer at JohnHart Real Estate, and is responsible for designing brochures, postcards and other marketing designs for the company. With a formal education in graphic design at CSULB and over 18 years of professional working experience as a designer, she continues to thrive in an environment where she is challenged and can enhance her design and creative skills.

Prior to joining JohnHart, Louisa spent 5 years working for an internationally well-known restaurateur where she coordinated all marketing and promotion efforts for the company. She then continued for another 5 years working for a commercial real estate company where she took a bigger role in designing corporate brochures, advertisements, banners, PowerPoint presentations and implementing online marketing efforts. She later also became a founder of a small business specializing in designing invitations for special events and other stationery items. Louisa is excited to be part of JohnHart’s rapidly growing and successful team.

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