Alyssa Beltran

DRE License: 02179649

About Alyssa Beltran

When you first meet Alyssa Beltran, her naturally bubbly, welcoming, and outgoing personality can be dazzling. So dazzling in fact that you may be surprised to learn that a bold and daring entrepreneurial spirit supported by a robust business savvy exists just beneath the surface. Yet, it's her keen understanding of the connections between entrepreneurial investment and real estate that have been driving her for years.

It’s this very connection that fueled her pursuit of her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with an Option in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management from CSU Chico. She knew that by studying the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, she’d develop a broader understanding of the contemporary real estate market and the psychology behind the strategies used for successful transactions.

Alyssa was born in Palmdale but raised in Santa Clarita where she moved at an early age with her family (including 11 siblings)! She got to know the area well before heading off to college in Chico, where she was first bit by the real estate bug. She pivoted her academic pursuits, filtering all of her learning through the lens of real estate. For each new lesson she learned, she contemplated how it could be applied for greater success in realty. Alyssa understands that the buying and selling of a home is a major milestone in a person’s life. Recognizing this emotional gravity allows her to approach each transaction with her carefully cultivated entrepreneurial spirit, helping her clients chase their dreams with an unmatched persistence.

Trust and transparency is crucial to Alyssa, who uses her ample resources, wealth of knowledge and inexhaustible work ethic to reinforce her unbending reliability. Her natural approachability quickly endears her to clients and lends to an overall relaxed atmosphere, even in the heat of complex transactions. She strives to make sure every question is answered, every concern is addressed, and every point of confusion is fully illuminated. For Alyssa, the closing of a transaction is simply the beginning of a long lasting relationship; one in which she is always available, no matter the size of the question.

Coming from such a large family, it’s no wonder that Alyssa finds her family time sacred. She loves spending her free moments catching up with loved ones or practicing her two favorite hobbies: calligraphy and baking.

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