Spartak Kazaryan

DRE License: 02049079

About Spartak Kazaryan

An expert negotiator with vast experience in real estate finance and lending, Spartak has been in the industry for a very long time through his construction and development company. With a focus on constructing gated community developments, Spartak had a chance to work in multiple cities across the San Fernando Valley and on Westside. Because of this experience he is very familiar with different neighborhoods and pockets and can guide his clients in the right direction when choosing a location to purchase a home.

Spartak also has a keen eye and vast knowledge when it comes to property value and his primary goal is to get the highest dollar possible for his sellers. He can also give a solid advice on how to make a home look more presentable in the eyes of the buyers to maximize it's selling potential.

With a 2nd dan black belt in Tae Kwon Do, Spartak has incredible sense of self discipline, self-control, and self-respect and above all, being in martial arts his entire life has taught him to respect everyone for who they are and not what they have accomplished.

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