Ejmin Yaghoobi
Marketing Manager

Ejmin Yaghoobi

About Ejmin Yaghoobi

Ejmin Yaghoobi brings his profound interest in marketing, specifically how much it constantly changes, to JohnHart Real Estate. Born in Iran, he briefly moved to Austria before putting down roots in Glendale at the age of 16. He began attending CSUN with his heart set on becoming a lawyer specializing in business law… that is until he took his first marketing class. Riveted by the concepts, he changed to a marketing major and never looked back. In 2017, he obtained his bachelor's degree in marketing from CSUN before pursuing an MBA from Colorado State University which he received in 2020. Foreshadowing his involvement in the real estate industry, he wrote a paper on the 2008 housing crash while working on his MBA.

While Ejmin has always been interested in real estate, his marketing ambitions first took him through the fashion industry. However, the lofty egos, unrestrained pride, and general immaturity of the big personalities that flooded the industry left him unimpressed. While he considered taking his talents to the entertainment industry, the constantly shifting terrain of the real estate market won over his interests. Today, he represents JohnHart Real Estate as a Marketing Manager, enjoying the thrill of marketing in motion. Recognizing that marketing never stands still, Ejmin has developed a knack for mirroring the industry’s fluidity. In between defining the boundaries between marketing, advertising, and sales, Ejmin likes to read articles, watch videos, and generally keep himself up-to-date on the latest developments in marketing trends in and outside our industry.

When not at the office, Ejmin is an avid soccer player, having represented Glendale in the PanArmenian Games on two separate occasions. As a spectator, he loves basketball. Despite considering himself a loyal Lakers fan, he never misses the chance to see his favorite player, Karl-Anthony Towns, when the Minnesota Timberwolves come to LA. But you won’t catch Ejmin on the court, unless you count fantasy leagues. He also enjoys playing poker with friends, avoiding alcohol (he’s highly allergic), and watching episodes of Suits.

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