Cristian Valencia
Marketing Manager

Cristian Valencia

About Cristian Valencia

Cristian Valencia is used to taking the path less traveled. It’s the one he’s hiked on his way to JohnHart Real Estate, where he uses strategy and empathy daily in his role as one of our talented Marketing Managers. Cristian discovered his passion for marketing while obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree in Animation, a discipline which also acquainted him closely with graphic design, web design, and advertising. He found himself instantly drawn to JohnHart’s reputation for integrity, along with the innovative ways that we provide support to our agents. Innovation is at the heart of Cristian’s favored marketing approach, after all.

He is also not opposed to taking the path of most resistance. If he hears a calling, he is driven in that direction with the will to succeed. He doesn’t give up on his goals and pushes himself to achieve them in the most efficient manner. One of those examples, is completing his 4-year degree in just 3 years, due to his dedication of attending full time in person and on-line. Previously, he worked as a Marketing Director for a personal injury law firm that had no Marketing department in-house. He built the department from the ground up, including managing all their social media, graphic design, SEO, print, web design, translating their whole web page to Spanish, and improving their Google review score by more than 35%.

His other experiences entail working in finance and advertising. A fond success story is attaining the advertising campaign for Beverly Hills BMW, a feat no other Advertising Director in the past had accomplished. His unconventional and modern ideas presented in a pleasurable way, paired with his exceptional work ethic, lead to BH BMW raising their marketing spend by 60% with him, and signing on for a very lucrative campaign. It exceeded their ROI, so they immediately renewed their contract the following year.

In his spare time, he enjoys the outdoors, camping, travel, art, health studies, vegan food, and history. He is also an avid supporter of benevolent charities, including volunteering for a child abuse prevention council, and once a year helps build homes for families in need, in Mexico.

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