Zsuzsanna Marosi

DRE License: 02180454

About Zsuzsanna Marosi

Zsuzsanna Marosi caught her first hint of real estate greatness while managing her own Airbnb properties; 7 in LA and 2 in Miami. This led to helping friends by renting their properties out while juggling work as a property manager and personal assistant to a real estate investor. Today, she brings her friendly approach as a licensed agent helping clients in areas with which she has intimate knowledge: West Hollywood and Anaheim.

Raised in Hungary, she moved to Budapest where she pursued an education in international economics, marketing, and logistics, imbuing her with unique skills that she applies to her real estate career. She also became a licensed realtor in Hungary before making the move to sunny California.

Zsuzsanna’s analytical mind is fascinated by real estate's dynamism, though she finds there are few better moments than introducing a client to their dream home. A natural go-getter, she relishes going the extra mile for her clients, using her goal-driven approach, accessibility, and professionalism to iron out even the most complex transactions.

When not navigating the ever-shifting dynamics of a new transaction, Zsuzsanna loves to enjoy some outdoor time with her beloved French Bulldog. She often devotes her free time and resources to volunteer work at shelters and various other community-driven activities. She also has a remarkable green thumb, growing her own fruits and vegetables as well as making her own food, including bread, completely from scratch.

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Suzy is literally the sweetest person on planet earth. She really went to bat for me!
Zsuzsanna was truly a great help in securing the best deal on my and my wives new home in Anaheim! Looking for the right home is far from an easy process but she made the process stress free for me and my wife during her pregnancy.Thank you again Zsuzsanna for helping us find the perfect home for us to start our family.
I had the pleasure of working with Zsuzsanna . I couldn't be happier with the experience. She was professional, knowledgeable, and always had my best interests at heart. She made the entire process of buying a home seamless and stress-free. I highly recommend Zsuzsanna to anyone looking for a top-notch realtor. Thank you for all your hard work! 🙏🏼
If you are looking for patient yet competent agent with work ethic and passion “Suzie” is your gal. Being from the financial side of real estate transactions I have come across many agents. Zsuzsanna Marosi with JohnHart is politely forthright providing transparency in an often murky arena. She combs over the tiniest details with enthusiasm and mitigates multiple personalities in the process with grace.

Our transaction in this case ended up being a rental as that is what was best at the time. I will be working with her in the future.

Friends who I have passed her information to commented that her natural demeanor to provide support in the capacity needed was a refreshing experience. Even if it was just a sit down check in regarding their options.

Add Suzie on your list to meet when interviewing agents, I am glad I did.
Zsuznna is literally the best! I couldn’t have asked for a better realtor to rent my house out in Beverly Hills. She not only found me the best tenants but she treated me with first class service. I couldn’t have asked for a better realtor. She made everything so seamless and went above and beyond. She even took some prospective tenants that had put an application in to dinner. Like who does that!?! Talk about premium service! Please do yourself a favor and use her for your real estate needs.
Zsuzsanna (Suzy) has worked tirelessly with me trying to find the perfect home I can afford to buy in the crazy current market. My goal is to find the house in Anaheim to fit my requirements as this area is key for my needs. I have been show some very tempting
properties and she has worked tirelessly to get me in the right place. I don't recommend many people as I'm always skeptical but in her case I am completely comfortable that I'll be moving into a new home very soon. The lady is polite, loves animals and listens to what I am saying. I can't help but put her on the most favored real estate agent I've ever met. I highly recommend you give her a shout out.
I can’t find words of gratitude to say about Zsuzsanna, aka “Sussi”. My wife and I were moving from the east coast to LA and from the distance she definitely help us to find our dream home in the Flats of Beverly Hills. My kids love it.!!!

We highly suggest and recommend working with her. This is our best experience so far with realtors.

Thank you “Sussi” for your time, dedication and passion for your job.

Zsuzsanna is A Professional, she was always willing & helpful in answering any questions we had. She was helping us with a Lease, she worked with us above & beyond, in trying to negotiate with the property manager!
I would fully recommend Zsuzsanna services & expertise.