Karine Haneyan

DRE License: 02100210

About Karine Haneyan

Karine Haneyan has problem solving down to an artform, using her astute listening skills to patiently and compassionately identify her clients needs and wants before delivering them their desired results. Since 2006, she’s been imbuing her clients with peace of mind, reinforcing her reputation for getting things done no matter how ambitious. She respectfully puts her clients’ goals at the forefront of her creative strategies, always finding new and more efficient paths to success.

After obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Language Arts, Karine taught in a variety of prestigious schools across Europe and Canada including York University and Ontario Real Estate College. She also bolstered her financial background by working in the banking industry. Amidst this period of her life, she found her admiration for various architectural styles and interior design aesthetics beginning to grow. Inspired by new construction all around her, she decided to pursue a career in real estate. Since then, she’s been elevating clients to their loftiest real estate dreams with a particular focus on the San Fernando Valley, Glendale, Pasadena, and surrounding communities.

Karine continues to be motivated by the smiles and cheers of families finally realizing their goals of homeownership. She adores the dynamism of real estate; a fascinating industry that’s ever-shifting and evolving. She’s found a distinct thrill in harnessing the pure potential of land and property, taking possession of it and calling it one’s own; a thrill she wants to help as many people experience as possible.

When not elevating clients to their real estate goals, Karine prioritizes staying active with vigorous hikes and regular exercise. She’s a cultured art lover as much as she is an avid traveler, enchanted by the wonders of the world as well as raw creativity. Her community remains dear to her, so she also makes time to volunteer at her local food bank.

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