Richie Herrera

DRE License: 01974804

About Richie Herrera

When Richie Herrera realized his greatest opportunity to generate wealth for his family was by helping other families generate wealth through real estate, he felt like he’d won the lottery. Since then, his career has been one long “win-win” situation. And it just keeps getting better over the years as he builds more relationships with everyone from lenders, inspectors, and escrow officers to the other top agents of the San Fernando Valley. He’s never building bridges for his use alone. Rather, he regularly taps into these relationships to give his clients an edge. After all, he wants to treat their investments with the same care and attention to detail that he’d treat his own.

Born and raised in Colombia, Richie still retains proficiency in Spanish as well as English, using both to open up greater communication for his trusted clients. His family moved to Los Angeles when Richie was 12 and since then, he’s cultivated an expert knowledge of the city and its many neighborhoods. Real estate comes naturally to Richie. His family’s been heavily involved in real estate for over two decades, and he’s been actively helping them for the past 10 years while juggling his studies at Cal State Northridge. When it came time to obtain his real estate license, it seemed like a foregone conclusion.

Since then, Richie’s been helping families achieve their homeownership dreams with remarkable coolness under pressure, savvy negotiation techniques, competitive determination, a contagious sense of confidence, and his habit of setting the extra mile as his personal standard. Whether he’s counseling a family with sage advice on diversifying their real estate investments, helping a seller nail down the best price for their property, or passing the keys to a first time homeowner, one common denominator remains the same: Richie lives for this.

A true family man, Richie values spending every free moment making more quality memories with the ones he loves. He also enjoys experiencing the world around him, whether that be through travel, staying active in the great outdoors with a vigorous hike, or indulging in his competitive nature with a myriad of sports including soccer, tennis, snowboarding, and mountain biking. Particularly excelling at soccer, he’s played club soccer, college soccer, and even semi pro. He finds that the competitive mindset contributes to his relentless drive in real estate, a benefit his clients enjoy firsthand. Richie also harbors an artistic side, switching gears to music production and DJing when the mood strikes.

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