Felix Martinez

DRE License: 01988492

About Felix Martinez

Exhibiting a raw passion for his craft that comes naturally, Felix Martinez has made a name for himself based on his trademark blend of high efficiency, extensive market knowledge, and an unwavering devotion to his clients. In fact, he credits his success exclusively to a wealth of positive client referrals. He intuitively elevates client goals to his top priority, always acting in their best interests while serving them straightforward, candid advice and a peerless work ethic.

A native of the Los Angeles county and surrounding areas, Felix has accrued an insider knowledge of the Greater Los Angeles region and its myriad housing markets. Prior to working in real estate, his paralegal studies instilled in him expert knowledge of bankruptcies, family law, evictions, and estate planning which he regularly references when formulating strategies and sage counsel. He also holds a Associates's Degree in Drafting which allows him to work closely with architects and engineers; benefits that get passed on directly to his clients.

He regularly volunteers his time for a variety of causes, including veterans organizations, foundations that conduct important research into treating diseases that impact children, and nonprofits aiding the less fortunate in general. While it seems Felix is constantly working to further his clients’ goals, he still finds time to connect with nature, spending free time enjoying the great outdoors. He also loves exploring culinary creativity in the kitchen. But nothing is closer to his heart than spending time with his family, including his pets!

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