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DRE License: 01984816

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My passion for homes started at a young age. I loved walking around my neighborhood to explore lavish homes, and I found myself wondering what the interior looks like. I would invent stories to match the home to the people I imagined lived there.
I decided to study interior design, which allowed me to combine my innate sense of creativity with my love for architecture. Shortly after, I established a company that enabled me to work closely with architects, engineers, contractors, and other experts in the industry. My experience in building and contracting produced plenty of critical information that I soaked up. Over time I worked with a wide range of clients, from developers to first-time home buyers. Those experiences helped me to provide a thorough property analysis to ensure my clients understand what they are getting into, every time. Clients frequently purchase a home intending to renovate or remodel, while lacking any knowledge of building codes. Often what they envisioned for the home isn’t feasible because of building regulations.
That’s where I come in. I happily and regularly go the extra mile for my clients to provide all the information they need to make the changes they crave!
My background in design and construction makes it easy for me to share ideas and guide clients as they make the biggest purchase of their life. I strive to instill confidence in my clients, backed by my knowledge in real estate, design, local building laws, and construction. We all deserve to live in a home we love, whether that means purchasing a turn-key dream home or a fixer-upper.

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