Fabiola Cardenas

DRE License: 01318755

About Fabiola Cardenas

If Fabiola Cardenas seems a bit quiet at first, rest assured, she’s actually hard at work. That’s because she has a tendency to carefully listen, collecting and analyzing every detail to perfectly strategize the most efficient path to success. And once she locks onto that path, there’s no chance for anything standing in her way. She consistently throws her all into delivering her clients the results they want, displaying an unwavering commitment that pairs well with her experienced knowledge.

Born in Mexico, Fabiola spent her first seven years in its sunny climes before moving with her parents and siblings to the San Fernando Valley. She remained there for two decades, getting to know its every nuance before moving to Palmdale. Her real estate career began in 2001, when she worked briefly as a receptionist for a brokerage before being elevated to a temporary assistant position as the broker’s regular assistant left on maternity leave. She excelled enough in her responsibilities to be moved into a transaction coordinator position. But by then, she’d felt her true calling and only spent three months as a TC before quickly obtaining her real estate license. Today, she mostly focuses on the Palmdale area, bringing her detail-oriented approach to the neighborhood she loves.

In Fabiola’s eyes, nothing beats the smile of a client when she hands them their keys or the check from their sale. Her analytical nature finds her handily breaking down every nuance of a transaction so that her clients understand what’s happening every step of the way. Her diligent work ethic, reliability, and dedication get results while her personality keeps the process not just enriching but fun.

When not analyzing a transaction from every angle, Fabiola likes to travel to new cities in search of their most famous or exotic dish.

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