Donna Santoyo

DRE License: 01812748

About Donna Santoyo

With nearly two decades of experience and a placement in the top 10% of her field, Donna Santoyo has proven that her hands-on approach to real estate gets results. It’s why her business, built on client referrals and her sterling reputation for hard work, has handily earned the trust of some of the most discerning homebuyers and sellers in the city. Donna proudly wears her passion on her sleeve, using it to hone her trademark brand of commitment balanced with expert knowledge and time-tested experience. She patiently takes the time to guide first time homebuyers and seasoned investors alike through every nuance of a transaction, answering questions while illuminating the details. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Donna has seen a lot and stands by her ironclad word. For her, the formula is simple: superior client service equals smart business.

Originally from Springfield, Ohio, Donna grew up in Van Nuys. In those days, she had her heart set on a career in banking. After finishing college, she was quickly recruited by Interstate Bancorp. Yet, years later, she still felt like something was missing. This was when she decided to pivot to a career in real estate, and she hasn’t looked back since. She moved to the Antelope Valley in 2003, learning the every subtlety of the area’s unique housing market while building her reputation working for a series of real estate firms.

While maintaining her professionalism, Donna’s care for her clients means she takes her business personally. These aren’t “just clients”; they’re extended family and friends. She educates them, highlighting the right decisions for their personal situations, while treating them with a mixture of compassion and utmost respect. The opportunity to be instrumental in a momentous new phase of a client’s life is a deep honor for Donna. Handing them the keys to a dream home or the check for a big sale is a profoundly bittersweet moment as she watches these valued companions go forth to new states and equally new lives. It’s no wonder her clients are so quick to refer her services! In many cases, she even stays in touch with them, recognizing them not only as friends but also the driving reason she loves her work so much.

A true family woman, Donna adores every chance she gets to spend quality time with her burgeoning family. She married her high school sweetheart with whom she shares eight wonderful children, three grandchildren, two dogs, a cat, and a snake. Preparing hearty meals for her family is a true pleasure, as well as keeping them comfortable by keeping her home squeaky clean. Donna admits to being “bougie”, but she can still kick off her heels and go shooting, fishing, horseback riding, camping, and tailgating with the best of them. Above all, she sees life as a learning experience and relishes continued opportunities to learn, grow, and develop as both a real estate agent and a person.

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