Real Estate Tip: The Perfect Elevator Pitch #5

With well over 10,000 real estate agents to compete with in LA, sellers and buyers are seeking prompt justification why they should pick you over the next Tom or Jane. If you ran into your dream client and had 5 minutes to make your point, how would you make it happen?

We only have a couple more left… Today is Step 5

       Break down each talking point 

You can break it down into:

1. Argument: You have to show your audience why they need you, your company and your product.

2. Proof: Use statistics, stories or analogies to make your point and satisfy your audience so they’ll have the incentive to need you.

3. Visualization: After your argument and proof, your audience may be thinking “so what?” You need to show your audience what your argument means to them and how it will directly benefit them both immediately and down the line.

About Narine "Narz" Tarverdi

Narine “Narz” Tarverdi is responsible for Realtor Relations at JohnHart to recruit, train and support our realtors. She is also a licensed real estate agent with an understanding of the core of the industry.

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