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It’s that time of year again at JohnHart; a time when one real estate agent is elevated by their peers to heights we’ve already known they’ve attained, but were just too humble to admit it. We won’t say it’s a time when transactions don’t matter, but maybe a time when they’re not all that matter. Transactions are the domain of Agent of the Year; an honor that cements itself with concrete statistics. But JohnHart’s Person of the Year honor – that’s less cut and dry.

The Person of the Year is the real estate agent who most closely exemplifies the spirit of JohnHart. It’s difficult to pin down because JohnHart is always evolving. Those agents who have called our brokerage home for years can easily attest that this isn’t the same place they entered on their first day. JohnHart needs to stay ahead of the market and the industry, and that means sharp turns and sudden changes. It’s not a brokerage where you hang your license and forget about it. 

So, when we call upon you to vote for the Person of the Year for 2023 (and you know that’s exactly where this is headed), we ask you to think back to JohnHart’s Core Values:

Mission: Who amongst these nominees has a plan? Not a whim, not an instinct, but a meticulously mapped out path forward? Sure, instinct can still be used when needed, but our Person of the Year will have known where they’re going long before they got there.

Perspective: Our Person of the Year will also have a clear understanding of why they’re doing what they do. This is because they keep things in perspective. They don’t get lost in the details, because they take a step back when necessary and remember the faces of their clients. 

Values: Yes, “Values” is one of our core values. But our Person of the Year will fully understand why. They prioritize what we as a company prioritize: relationships reinforced with empathy, humility and its corresponding drive to be just that little bit better everyday, innovation and a better way to do things. 

Vision: Our Person of the Year has dreams that are bigger than an industry. It’s one of the reasons why we are redefining real estate. We need more room for all those big ideas. 

Leadership: You recognize our Person of the Year because they’re always at the forefront. But rather than blindly looking forward, they’re turned around to lift their peers up with them. Our Person of the Year knows they’re better with you by their side, and they illustrate this by teaching, sharing, and leading. 

With this in mind, cast your final vote for our finalists for JohnHart Real Estate’s Person of the Year. In alphabetical order, they are:

  • Albert Babayan
  • Giovany Kirakossian
  • Linda Ojeda
  • Manny Morales
  • Syuzi Hakobyan

Undoubtedly, they all encompass our Core Values. But one does so more than the others and we’re waiting for you to tell us who. Vote below:

Voting is now closed. Thank you to all who took the time to vote!

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