Are Expanded Renters Rights at the Federal Level the Right Direction?

Some are calling it the kind of relief one expects from a functioning first world government. Others are calling it an overreach that ignores the real solution. But no matter how you slice it, the Biden administration announced on Wednesday, January 25 its intention to establish a fledgling “renters bill of rights.” What does this […]

With an End to Eviction Protection Looming, LA City Council Votes on New Proposals

The city of Los Angeles continues its Covid-19 eviction protection saga this week. Yet, it will be Friday before the LA City Council’s vote reveals anything conclusive. For now, we can mull over a list of proposed regulations aimed at shielding tenants from repercussions for unpaid and underpaid rent. The proposals bring new hope for […]

Los Angeles Mansions Hit the Market in Anticipation of Measure ULA

Featured image credit: Edward Stojakovic Is now the right time for prospective buyers to purchase that luxury mansion they’ve been eyeing? Well, that depends. But if you’re in the market for Los Angeles luxury homes, you may be seeing a decent amount of them hitting the market in the coming weeks. That’s because Measure ULA, […]

Report: Nearly Half of the Units Listed in LA Through Short Term Rental Companies Are Violating Regulations

It’s been over three years since the city of Los Angeles passed laws designed to regulate out-of-control listings by short term rental companies. Yet, a recent report highlights that, in light of a disturbing lack of enforcement, hosts are still bending the rules. Or, in many cases, outright breaking them. David Wachsmuth, an urban planning […]

Absorption Rate Analysis: November 2022 Underscores That the Success of Los Angeles Homes For Sale Varies Widely By Neighborhood

November’s Absorption Rates artfully illustrate the night-and-day diversity of markets around the Greater Los Angeles area. Those who have been following this column will easily recall how October showed all (but one!) neighborhood drop toward a buyer’s market. And this was after watching several neighborhoods continuously edge further into the seller’s favor. But November kept […]

Christmas in LA? You Won’t Believe These Iconic Holiday Scenes Were Filmed in Los Angeles

When you think of famous holiday movie settings depicting Christmas in LA, your mind likely drifts to Nakatomi Plaza. Pop culture has celebrated Die Hard as LA’s unofficial Christmas movie in recent years. And we’ll take it because we recognize that sunshine, temperate weather and palm trees aren’t very Christmas-y traditionally. Here, we have different […]

Resale Value is the Top Consideration When Browsing Los Angeles Condos for Sale

We love helping unite people with their first home. But in LA’s competitive housing market, not everyone is financially prepared for homeownership. Does that mean the door to real estate investment is closed to them? Not exactly. The city’s inventory of condominiums provides a means of securing your own place while avoiding the hefty investment […]