Absorption Rate Analysis – November 2023: Significant Jumps and Drops Bring an Unusual End to Autumn

Last month, we talked about the calm before the storm. Well, we wouldn’t ring the alarms just yet, but November gave us a bit more drama than October with some decent rises and falls across the Greater Los Angeles area. It’s a surprising amount of absorption rate activity for a time when the market is […]

Absorption Rate Analysis – October 2023: The Calm Before the Storm?

While the real estate industry is still reeling from a federal jury’s decision to rule against the National Association of Realtors, October’s absorption rates may be feeling like the calm before the storm. There may be candy wrappers blowing gently off the streets on November 1. But October brought no tricks or treats to the […]

Robert Downey Jr. and wife Susan Downey

Unique Celebrity Homes: Robert Downey Jr.’s Concrete Clubhouse

Main Photo by Sgt. Michael Connors, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons With an abundance of money surrounding some of our most beloved stars, it’s no surprise that their humble abodes may not be so humble. However, some celebs have taken it to the next level when it comes to customizing a home. Robert Downey Jr. […]

Californians Can Buy and Sell ADU Homes Like Condos Thanks to AB 1033

It’s a great time in California to own an ADU. Last year, our government made it easier than ever to build authorized accessory dwelling units (ADUs). But now, thanks to Assemblyman Phil Ting’s (D-San Francisco) recently drafted Assembly Bill 1033, it’s becoming just as easy to sell these units as ADU homes the way one […]

Absorption Rate Analysis – September 2023: Things Look Up for Buyers as Absorption Rates Sink Down

Temperatures in SoCal may be about to rise again, but September was, appropriately enough, all about the fall. And we’re not talking about changing seasons. With the exception of two of our neighborhoods, all areas dropped closer to a buyer’s market this month or simply treaded water. And of the two that moved further into […]

YIMBY Movement Gains Ground in California While the War Rages On

No, the average Californian doesn’t place an overly inflated importance on their backyard. But if you’ve heard terms like NIMBY or YIMBY, you’d be forgiven for having that impression. These words are simple enough acronyms. NIMBY, the original, stands for “Not In My BackYard.” Therefore, YIMBY, the NIMBY’s arch nemesis, obviously stands for “Yes In […]

Palm Springs Home Spotlight: Organic Architecture Lives On with the Elrod House

Featured image credit: Luis Ashelford Wait, haven’t we done this Palm Springs Home Spotlight before? If you’ve been paying attention (but not paying close enough attention), you’ll be mistaking today’s home for one we covered last year: The Bob Hope House. It’s an easy enough point of confusion: both that home and this one were […]