will the strain of los angeles public transportation be eased by the lax connector station

How the LAX Connector Station Moves Los Angeles Public Transportation in the Right Direction

It seemed like it was never going to happen but it’s officially begun. The Los Angeles Metro has finally begun construction on a transit hub to connect the city’s train system to Los Angeles International Airport. Déjà vu? You’re not alone. You may recall last June’s groundbreaking ceremony. But good things take time; especially in […]

top 25 JohnHart real estate agents of Q1 2022

The Top 25 Agents of Q1 2022

Did you feel that? That was Q1 blowing past us, faster than we could keep up with it! Actually, that’s not exactly true; there was a class of elite agents that managed to move with the ever-shifting terrain, consistently bringing their A-game regardless of the challenges looming before them. To the people that say “quality […]

harout keuroghlian of johnhart real estate exsplain power of influence and persuasion

The Power of Influence

There are few terms more liberally thrown around these days than “influencer.” Naturally, with such a hot button topic, you’ll find virtual libraries of content about influence. Yet, I had trouble finding anything out there about influence in real estate. I started contemplating my own definition of an influencer, which is likely different than what […]

The Top 25 Agents of Q4 2021

Top 25 Agents of Q4 2021

Another year closed, another quarter with undeniable superstars that rose to the occasion. This list of agents topped off their year with a boisterous amount of transactions closed for their clients. These agents have inspired us with their dedication, enthusiasm, and hard-earned achievements. Congratulations! You deserve this success given your sincere effort throughout the 4th […]