Absorption Rate Analysis: March 2024 – The Market’s Warming Up Further for Sellers

Now these are some numbers that look familiar. The housing market has spent a couple of months in the wake of the holidays stretching out of hibernation. But March’s nearly straight run of surges brings us back to very familiar territory. Maybe painfully familiar for buyers. It was a month that saw neighborhoods surging further […]

Will a Las Vegas Firm’s AI Agent Change the Way We Use Real Estate Agencies?

As technology-based as our industry can be, it’s no wonder we found a way to hop on the artificial intelligence craze. But could AI feasibly replace flesh-and-blood real estate agents? It’s a question you may want to pose to Luxora. That’s the name Las Vegas’s Luxury Realty Group gave one of its newest recruits: a […]

Absorption Rate Analysis – February 2024: Not the Expected Slingshot Into Seller’s Territory

February’s come and gone and we have to say it wasn’t quite the expected mad dash deeper into seller’s territory. Typically, when we see a nearly unanimous drop toward the buyer’s favor like what we witnessed in January, it’s just the beginning of the slingshot being pulled back. The next month is almost always a […]

Absorption Rate Analysis: January 2024 Brings a Late Holiday Gift for Buyers

We’ve come to expect lower absorption rates in January, but January 2024 more than understood the assignment. All except one neighborhood dropped further into the buyer’s favor. One dropped further toward the buyer’s favor than we’ve ever seen in a single month. Another has officially camped out at the threshold of the universally accepted buyer’s […]

Waking Up to the Reality of the California Dream For All Program

Originally published on April 25, 2023 Several weeks ago, some of you received an email from your JohnHart agent about a promising new housing loans initiative. Dubbed the California Dream For All Shared Appreciation Loan, it sought to level the playing field for disadvantaged Californians with aspirations of homeownership. Yet, less than two weeks later, […]

LA Home Spotlight: Tony Duquette Sculpted Exotic Dreams in Dawnridge

Featured image credit: Hollywood Unwrapped You don’t have to be a Hollywood insider to recognize the name Tony Duquette. Throughout the 1940s and ‘50s, he elevated set decoration to an art form with his “more is more” approach. It earned him a great deal of admirers, some well-positioned friends, and, it would seem, a small […]

Blending a Real Estate Agent and Loan Officer, the AMLO℠ is the Future of Real Estate

If you missed JohnHart’s {RE}VOLUTION event yesterday, you’ll likely be hearing some of our plans trickling out to the public over the weeks. One of the most hotly discussed topics after the presentation was the introduction of JohnHart’s and Golden Coast Finance’s AMLO℠: a plan that would see qualifying agents potentially multiply their commissions while […]