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5 Must-See Movies Coming To Netflix In September 2020

Given the soaring hot temperatures, poor air quality, and COVID-19 still looming, we have multiple perfect excuses to continue binge-watching our favorite cinematic adventures. Lucky for us, big names like Netflix are still pumping out some seriously entertaining and award-worthy content. Here is the low-down on what noteworthy movies they are dropping this September: 1. Cuties / […]

Updated Emergency Order Regarding Unlawful Detainer Actions

We have received a lot of questions about the state of unlawful detainer (evictions) proceedings in California. A previous blog addressed Governor Newsom’s order about bringing post-COVID-19 unlawful detainer actions. That post described the order as setting a minimum standard for commencing unlawful detainer actions. It also stated that stricter measures could be imposed by […]