Palm Springs Home Spotlight: The Bob Hope House Mounts the Peak of the Modernist Volcano

In our “Home Spotlight” series, we’ve taken you on a tour of a potential Los Angeles murder mansion. We’ve taken you over 20 feet beneath the scorched Las Vegas ground to a subterranean wonderland. And now we’re taking you… golfing. Okay, it may seem anti-climactic, but did we mention that the house we’re talking about […]

Over 20 JohnHart Agents Make Real Trends’ 2022 America’s Best Real Estate Agents List

The Real Trends’ 2022 America’s Best rankings list was published earlier this week and it should come as no surprise that 22 of JohnHart’s best and brightest real estate agents were included. For those unfamiliar with the publication, Real Trends’ America’s Best rankings list compiles the country’s top performing real estate professionals. If an agent […]

Las Vegas Home Spotlight: Grab Your Iodine Pills, We’re Going to the Underground House

Located less than three miles from the iconic Las Vegas Strip, but with no traces of its glitter or glamor, stands 3970 Spencer Street. You could easily drive past it without giving it a second glance. But even if you took a long, hard look, you’d only see an unassuming, slightly dilapidated townhouse. Yet, as […]