California Cannabis Cafe Bill Would Put a Little More Focus on the Cafe Side of Things

Not to fan the flames of any stoner stereotypes, but munchies are a very real thing. And if State Representative Matt Haney (D) has his way, they might finally get curbed. He wants the state’s cannabis cafe locations to serve food prepared onsite. It doesn’t seem like a particularly controversial take. In fact, his Assembly […]

Blending a Real Estate Agent and Loan Officer, the AMLO℠ is the Future of Real Estate

If you missed JohnHart’s {RE}VOLUTION event yesterday, you’ll likely be hearing some of our plans trickling out to the public over the weeks. One of the most hotly discussed topics after the presentation was the introduction of JohnHart’s and Golden Coast Finance’s AMLO℠: a plan that would see qualifying agents potentially multiply their commissions while […]

Californians Can Buy and Sell ADU Homes Like Condos Thanks to AB 1033

It’s a great time in California to own an ADU. Last year, our government made it easier than ever to build authorized accessory dwelling units (ADUs). But now, thanks to Assemblyman Phil Ting’s (D-San Francisco) recently drafted Assembly Bill 1033, it’s becoming just as easy to sell these units as ADU homes the way one […]

Rent Control: Los Angeles Emergency Guideline Clarifications Leave Landlords Livid

Rent control in Los Angeles is confusing people; especially with an ongoing state of emergency gripping the city. We witnessed this first hand when we attended the Los Angeles Housing Department’s (LAHD) Wednesday, August 24th webinar. The meeting was primarily packed with landlords as baffled as they were angry. Despite his succinct responses, host Agassi […]

Male landlord showing notice for SB 91 protections.

How SB 91 Changes the Tenant Relief Act of 2020

As many of you know, Governor Newsom signed the COVID-19 Tenant Relief Act of 2020 (AB 3088) in August of last year. This legislation provided protection for tenants who are one or more months behind in rent. Additionally, it enumerated responsibilities for landlords regarding their tenants. The provisions in that legislation were set to expire in […]