CVA with red stamp overlayed reading "Coronavirus Addendum"


Over the course of the last two weeks, our lives have drastically changed. The emergence of the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic has created uncertainty in the economy not seen in years.  It was inevitable that this uncertainty would present itself in the real estate industry.  Like most brokerages, we have seen our share of listings canceled, […]

Cannabis plant enveloping model homes that resemble Monopoly pieces

What Every Real Estate Professional Should Know About Representing a Cannabis Business

On November 8, 2016, proposition 64 was passed by a majority of California voters, making the recreational use of cannabis, by adults over the age of 21 years, legal in the State of California. Proposition 64 followed proposition 215, which had already made the medicinal use of cannabis legal in 1996. However, the legalization of […]

rent control

Rent Control Is A New Reality: AB 1482 & What It Means To You

Any real estate professional who occasionally handles rentals or the sale of properties subject to rent control laws should be familiar with rent control laws. This is particularly the case as Assembly Bill (“AB”) 1482, mandating certain statewide rent control policies, comes into effect, likely on January 1, 2020.  This article provides an overview of the […]