The must-watch movies coming to a screen near you in April 2021.


April 2021 promises some noteworthy must-see movies ahead. Although movie options are more scarce for April, the options available still guarantee many hours of watch-worthy entertainment. Be sure to also check out the movies that debuted in March, if you haven’t already.Follow along as we explore the various exciting new must-watch movies coming out in […]

5 Must-See Movies Coming to Netflix in white text overlayed on a photo of an iPad of someone watching Netflix

5 Must-See Movies Coming To Netflix In September 2020

Given the soaring hot temperatures, poor air quality, and COVID-19 still looming, we have multiple perfect excuses to continue binge-watching our favorite cinematic adventures. Lucky for us, big names like Netflix are still pumping out some seriously entertaining and award-worthy content. Here is the low-down on what noteworthy movies they are dropping this September: 1. Cuties / […]