Biophilic Interior Design – Bringing the Outside In

Have you heard about the new style taking the interior design industry by storm? Does the idea of embracing natural elements in your home décor excite you?  Well then you may just be ready to give Biophilic home décor a try.  Biophilic Interior Design is a growing trend among designers and interior decorators that incorporates natural elements, colors, patterns, and nature into the home décor in new and exciting ways. This focus on nature enhances the sense of calmness and transforms your living or working environment.

What is Biophilic Interior Design?

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Biophilic Interior Design means incorporating nature into our indoor environment. It comes from the word Biophilia – meaning Love of Nature. This trend focuses on creating a calming space with a visual connection with nature while improving wellbeing, health and productivity. 

With humans spending about 90% of their lives indoors, creating a space with more soothing elements is extremely beneficial when it comes to creating a healthy living and working environment.  And the benefits are so much more than just interior aesthetics.

Photo Credit: Envato Elements

While many people have been having houseplants in their homes for years, Biophilic Interior Design takes it a bit further.  It’s not just about plants. It’s all elements of nature – like skylights for more sunshine, raw, unfinished wood furniture, flowing water and “living walls” – panels covered with live plants and foliage.

That really is the most exciting design feature of Biophilic Interior Design.  Incorporating living plants into the style itself. More and more design magazines and style homes are adding a living wall to their interior rooms. Not only do they add a lush visual interest, but they also purify the air naturally. People are continually opening up their spaces with larger windows coupled with curtains made from natural, sustainable materials. Furniture and art work in the colors and shapes of nature are also very popular right now.

Photo Credit: Envato Elements

In addition to the larger home décor pieces, you can embrace nature even further by adding smaller items in natural materials like bamboo, cork, sustainable timber, stone and rattan in your home. These can be implemented through the furniture, home decor, kitchen countertops, cutlery, floors, you name it.

While utilizing natural elements like wood or stone has been a staple of interior design for a while, Biophilic Interior Design features a more cohesive style. Mimicking the natural materials with corresponding patterns and colors throughout the space, this style eliminates the hard contrast between interior and outdoor spaces. Soft greens, earthy browns, subtle blues and bright florals embrace the rooms in the Biophilic Interior Design aesthetic.

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Finally, there is a focus on bringing the outside in through merging techniques normally reserved for exterior spaces. Large windows flood rooms with natural sunlight which seem to eliminate the barrier between inside and outside. Indoor water features are another way to create a soothing environment that normally is reserved for the garden. Having a fountain in the entryway or as a part of the living room décor or bedroom is a soothing way to include Biophilic Interior Design elements in your spaces.

Biophilic Interior Design seeks to embrace nature and transform indoor spaces for a more serene and rejuvenating environment. By incorporating these trends, you can create a welcoming home that promotes well-being and creativity.

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