How To Turn Your Seller Into A Real Estate Investor


Many homeowners are looking for different ways to expand their investment portfolio – whether it be through real estate or other investments. One of the easiest ways for buyers to expand their investment portfolio is by leveraging the equity in their existing home and converting it into an investment property. There are several key advantages to this strategy: Read the rest of this entry »


Los Angeles County Real Estate Forecast for Fall 2014


“There is no present or future, only the past happening over and over again – now.” 
        – Eugene O’Neill

Ok, so that quote might be a tad dramatic, but the fact remains that we can often tell a lot about the future simply by looking at the past, the present, and the contrast between the two. Read the rest of this entry »


How Non-Local Factors Can Influence Los Angeles Real Estate Prices

non local factors in la

How Real Estate Prices Change

Real estate prices are determined through much the same mechanisms as other purchasable items. In short, real estate prices are based on both the number of people capable and interested in purchasing real estate and the pieces of real estate that can be purchased on the real estate market. Read the rest of this entry »


Most Expensive Cities To Live In : New York Tops The Charts

New York Skyline

New York claimed 5 of the top 10 spots, California claimed 4,

the only other state was NJ with Alpine claiming a top 10 spot.  

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Kids Never Killed Kids on Leave it to Beaver


I need your help!!  I hope you are as passionate about reading this as I was about writing it.  I need your help.  I’d like to spread the word so please share, forward, like, post, comment, whatever.  Just tell everyone.  I’m a Dad and I’m freaking out.   Read the rest of this entry »


May Housing Market Inventory Report


As always, the beginning of this month marks a new installment of our Los Angeles Market Inventory Report.  Each month we construct this report with the intention of proving our agents, peers, and clients, with the information they need to make clear and calculated decisions based off statistical market findings.
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Villa Rockledge: Putting A Price Tag On History


money shot

It’s not everyday you find a California state registered ‘historical home’ on the market—yet, today is one of those days. Read the rest of this entry »


PMAC Lending Services and JohnHart – Partners With A Plan

pmac and johnhart

Those who know JohnHart Real Estate, know that we pride ourselves on NOT being “Glorified Landlords” – a brokerage that hangs a sign and rents out desks to agents and brokers without offering anything in return.  In fact the reason we started JH was because we felt that the “do everything yourself and give us a piece of your commission” mentality was absurdly antiquated, and that by investing in our agents we would be able to help them increase their business exponentially.   Read the rest of this entry »