JohnHart Welcomes Chad Schlotterback


JohnHart Real Estate proudly welcomes Chad Damon Schlotterback to their team of expert Realtors.  Chad started his career selling real estate in 1998 on the beaches of Tampa, Florida; however over the past 17 years he has gone on to become a multi-million dollar producer and has climbed the ranks with regards to top Los Angeles Realtors.  Formerly the CEO of Keller Williams Westside, Chad was ranked #22 in the country in net real estate recruiting and #1 in the California central region.

While much of his focus over the past few years has been on recruiting, Chad comes to JohnHart with a renewed vigor for the transaction side of our industry.  Now backed by a salaried team of real estate professionals, designers, marketing experts, and advisors, Chad has the support, freedom, and tools needed to elevate his career even further.     Read the rest of this entry »


A BIG DAY: Kerkorian Passes & Trump Steps Up



If you’re reading this right now than you lived through an extraordinary day yesterday!   Read the rest of this entry »


The Barasch Group Joins JohnHart Real Estate



It is truly an honor to introduce the newest team to join the JohnHart Real Estate family:

barasch group logo

Since 1998 Michael Barasch has been redefining real estate in his own right, and if you’re in”the [real estate] biz” then you know !  His team, The Barasch Group, currently comprised of  Dan Elias, Michael Brennan, Esther Li, and Taryn Booth, have been top producers in our industry for years.  Known for their hard work, dedication, and expansive knowledge of the more technical and financial side of the real estate equation, The Barasch Group is a perfect fit for JohnHart (and vice versa).   Read the rest of this entry »


Warning: Realtors Please Be Careful!


Regardless of what firm you’re with, please heed our words:


As Realtors, we often have to put ourselves in situations that are less than ideal when it comes to safety.  While there are many aspects of our job that require us to proceed with added caution, whenever you are entering a private space alone you’re extra vulnerable.  Unfortunately, being that we are a service based industry, insisting that potential clients meet in your office or a public space can kill a deal – so what is one to do?   Read the rest of this entry »


33 Creative Home DIY Ideas

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and instead of buying her something this year, why not show you really care by creating something yourself!  Here are a few ideas to start you off, some more realistic than others, but let your imagination run wild!   Read the rest of this entry »


Congratulations: New La Canada Office Coming Soon

La Canada Office

Preface: The email below was sent to our real estate agents and brokers, and at first the intention was to privately convey our appreciation and to acknowledge that this achievement is all of ours (not just a corporate win, but a team win); however this is a message that we truly believe and we’re not going to say it privately and tell a different story publicly – so without further ado, here is the announcement of our newest location!   Read the rest of this entry »


Attention Realtors: Get More!

Get More At JohnHart


Our agents don’t pay for E&O, Franchise Fees, TC Fees, Royalty Fees, their signs, their posts, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, training…

JohnHart Agents get to keep MORE of their money,
because we invest our own money in their success!   
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Most people go by referrals from either family or friends. Always ask those people what they liked most and see if it follows what is important to you. Read the rest of this entry »