2016 – Here We Come

JohnHart 2016

Hello team!!  One last congratulations on a successful close to 2015.  I have spent a lot of time at the end of the year looking ahead to what 2016 will have for us and what sort of characteristics and qualities we will need to harness and employ to make it the best year yet.  I have already committed that this will be the year that we grow the company from the inside out.  In short, I plan to take the agents we have here and grow our company through your business.   Read the rest of this entry »


The 2016 JohnHart Real Estate Awards


The 2015 JohnHart Real Estate Holiday Party Awards – Chosen live at the party by all in attendance!

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JohnHart Real Estate’s Burbank Expansion

“Location. Location. Location.”

If you work in real estate, or don’t have your head under a rock, then you’ve heard this saying before.  Well, while we love our current location in Burbank, we’re bursting at the seams – so, we’re moving to a new location (location. location.).  In fact we’re moving to an amazing location that is three times the size of our current office in Burbank.   Read the rest of this entry »


The Condo People join JohnHart Real Estate



JohnHart Real Estate proudly welcomes Real Estate People Inc. dba The Condo People to their family of real estate professionals.  Led by Broker Albert Babayan and Realtor Roubina Zargarian, The Condo People have closed over 2,000 transactions and have exclusive agreements with many of the large condo developments in Los Angeles County.  Their experience in the condominium market, coupled with JohnHart’s tools, resources, and reach, place them in a position to increase their market share even further.   Read the rest of this entry »


Valencia Real Estate Redefined

JohnHart Valencia

JohnHart Real Estate is proud to announce that their newest location is now up, running, and #OnFire.  Yep, JohnHart Real Estate – Valencia, the 6th JohnHart Real Estate location, is staffed, open, and already serving customers in the Santa Clarita Valley.  Located at 24200 Magic Mountain Parkway Suite 100, the Valencia office is perfectly positioned at the Westfield Valencia Town Center – also home to the Edwards 12 & IMAX theater, Apple Store, Whole Foods, and a slew of other amazing attractions and stores.  Read the rest of this entry »


We’re EXPECTING… another location!


Dearest friends, family, colleagues, and peers,

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming arrival of our new office in Valencia on or around August, 2015.  We are very excited for this new development and hope you will join us in the celebration!!

To learn more about JohnHart and/or to lock down a desk (we still have a few left) please click here or call us @ 818-630-7814

With much love and anticipation,

JohnHart Real Estate

We’re Expecting… another location!!!

I wanted to personally pen a statement to thank all of you for your hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence, which has allowed us to open our 6th office in Valencia!! I want to make it abundantly clear that without you all, we would not be where we are today. As I’ve said many times before, we are only as strong as our weakest link, so our links must be made of steel to have grown so much in so little time! Give yourselves a pat on the back and take pride, knowing that your contributions have led us to this amazing level of success. You are all rock stars and every new office we open is a tribute to your commitment to excellence and superior performance quality.  Read the rest of this entry »


Cyndi Lesinski & Associates joins JohnHart Real Estate

cyndi welcome


JohnHart Real Estate proudly welcomes Cyndi Lesinski & Betsy De Alba, of Cyndi Lesinski & Associates, to the family!

As a multi-million dollar top producer, Cyndi Lesinski has been “wrecking the curve” in the real estate industry for some time now.  “Consistently breaking and setting records with her sales volume and performance has become her norm, and we are ecstatic to have her on the team” said Harout Keuroghlian, the CEO and Principal Broker at JohnHart.  “Our structure and system is set up so that agents at any level can increase their efficiency and subsequently conduct more business – without any drop in the quality of their service.  We’ve shown our ability to do this effectively over the past several years, and now we get to do it for Cyndi and her team” stated Keuroghlian.

At the core of their business model is a belief that is absolutely unheard of in the real estate industry:  where most brokerages believe in cost cutting to maintain a huge profit margin, JohnHart invests in their agents, running a tighter profit margin but increasing the per capita production of each agent individually.  This model means that their agents do more business, make more money, and have more time on their hands to enjoy life.  “We handle the nitty gritty, so that our agents can focus on their clients and on obtaining new business” said Keuroghlian, “an agent like Cyndi Lesinski, who does 60 transactions in an off year, benefits immensely from this structure – as she now gets to shift most of her workload onto us, thus increasing the amount of time she can spend with her clients.”

Cyndi comes to JohnHart as the latest in a string of big wins, and brings even more attention to one of the fastest growing brands in California.  Their plans for the company?  To bring their product to the consumers wherever they may be through controlled expansion – and they are already working on the next two locations, which will be announced shortly!




JohnHart Welcomes Chad Schlotterback


JohnHart Real Estate proudly welcomes Chad Damon Schlotterback to their team of expert Realtors.  Chad started his career selling real estate in 1998 on the beaches of Tampa, Florida; however over the past 17 years he has gone on to become a multi-million dollar producer and has climbed the ranks with regards to top Los Angeles Realtors.  Formerly the CEO of Keller Williams Westside, Chad was ranked #22 in the country in net real estate recruiting and #1 in the California central region.

While much of his focus over the past few years has been on recruiting, Chad comes to JohnHart with a renewed vigor for the transaction side of our industry.  Now backed by a salaried team of real estate professionals, designers, marketing experts, and advisors, Chad has the support, freedom, and tools needed to elevate his career even further.     Read the rest of this entry »