6 Stocking Stuffers Under $16

The holidays are here and of course the hardest decisions we’ll make are going to be “Do I really feel like going to the gym?” and “What do I buy my Secret Santa for Christmas?!”. Well, don’t worry, we’ve compiled a little list that won’t strain your brain, or your wallet! Here are Six Stocking Stuffers Under $16!

Cell Phone Lens-$13

For the Insta-photographer in your life, pick up Amir’s 3 in 1 Fisheye, Macro, and Wide Angle lens for their smartphone.

At only $13 with a 3 in 1 HD camera lens, your friends will officially be out of excuses, for why they can’t take a good #selfie. Image result for amir cell phone lensSome say this lens makes you look like Kim K, even if you look like Kanye, must try! #NoFilter






Image result for bestek gooseneck cell phone holder


 Cell Phone Holder-$13

So you like to Facetime while plucking your eyebrows too? I thought I was the only one! That’s why Besteks 2-1 Universal Goosneck Cell Phone Holder was a true blessing! Perfect for watching YouTube videos while you burn the chicken, conference calls while working on your laptop, or even bedside while watching #Netflix!








How To Be A Man for $12

Alright ladies, is your man kind of not a man? Does he need a little help in the DIY department, or hasn’t yet learned that women are always right? Image result for the pocket refWell, this is his All-In-One Guide to manhood and it fits in his pocket! The Pocket Ref Guide written by Thomas Glover is #brilliant and has nearly 1k 5 star reviews on Amazon! It includes things like tables, charts, drawings, lists, and formulas that will be especially useful for contractors, students, travelers, electronics hobbyists, craftspeople, and engineers and technicians in virtually every field!






                                                               Selfie-Fan – $5

Image result for pandawell iphone fanTrying to get the #Baywatch effect while in Cabo for Spring Break? Take a cool, breezy selfie with the Pandawell Iphone Fan, perfect for #SelfieSeason and any occasion, like putting out the fire from the Samsung Note next to you (JK Samsung)! Use it to dry your nails, look cool at the gym, fan yourself at the beach, and of course, take a professional quality Instagram selfie for your fans! Get it? #fans.







Fancy Ice Mold-$12


Who doesn’t want to look fancy when drinking scotch? Ice cubes are so 80’s, ice SPHERES are where it’s at! Grab a couple of the Tovolo Ice Spheres to  complete your circle. These bad boys will last until your last glass, and add a touch of class. Yes, that was meant to rhyme. Perfect for the holiday punch bowl, ice decor, and the holiday bartender!





pinterestNumber One Purchased Gift Every Year – $2 

So what could possibly be better than all of these amazing gifts? Well, as the great Maslow once said when describing the Human Hierarchy of Needs, “Alcohol and Gambling is what man needs to survive”…okay maybe it wasn’t Maslow who said it, might have been 2 Chains. Nonetheless, Mini Shots and tater tots will make anyone happy during the holidays, and if you want to spice things up grab those and a few Holiday Scratchers and you’ve got yourself a happy bunch!



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