Absorption Rate Analysis: September 2022 (Mostly) Leans Harder Into a Seller’s Market

Has it already been a month since our last absorption rate roundup? September’s numbers are in and we’re seeing most neighborhoods trending upward with higher absorption rates than August. If we’re using the universally accepted 20% indicator of a healthy seller’s market, then every neighborhood is still a seller’s market. But as our CEO and […]

Los Angeles Architecture 101: The Craftsman Home

Featured photo credit: Crafty In our second edition of Los Angeles Architecture 101, we ask ourselves: “Where do you go from Googie?” And after the fast-paced, forward-thinking, white-knuckle progress of Googie architecture, we feel like you’re ready for something completely different. So, we’re trading the neon arrows and retrofuturism for a design classic that prioritizes […]

Rent Control: Los Angeles Emergency Guideline Clarifications Leave Landlords Livid

Rent control in Los Angeles is confusing people; especially with an ongoing state of emergency gripping the city. We witnessed this first hand when we attended the Los Angeles Housing Department’s (LAHD) Wednesday, August 24th webinar. The meeting was primarily packed with landlords as baffled as they were angry. Despite his succinct responses, host Agassi […]

Cycling in Los Angeles is Scary… But Could These Improvements Make It Easier?

It’s easy to see Los Angeles as a city at-odds with its cycling community. Historically, it hasn’t done much to beat this reputation. A megalopolis measuring approximately 4,850-square miles with a subpar public transit system tends to encourage automobile-dependence. But these days, it seems the city is at least trying to offer alternatives. Attempts to […]