Lucky Baldwin: The Name Behind All of Those LA Locations

Featured image credit: THylbom Angelenos know the name Baldwin well. You’ll find it plastered all across the cityscape. Baldwin Hills, Baldwin Park, Baldwin Avenue, Baldwin Lake, Lucky Baldwin’s Pub… it’s everywhere. Yet the namesake of these diverse locations is a character few Angelenos could identify today, despite coast-to-coast recognition in his time. Newspapers printed the […]

The Battle of Los Angeles: A Grim Reminder That “Simple Times” Weren’t Always So Simple

Featured image credit: Los Angeles Times Sure, parts of Hollywood Boulevard resemble a warzone. But it’s hard to imagine real war ever touching LA’s palm-peppered shores. So, it may surprise you to read that the Greater Los Angeles area was the setting for one of World War II’s smallest battles. Or sort-of-battles. It only lasted […]

Legendary Sunset Sound Recording Studio Fears Homeless Driving Off Business

Featured image credit: Sunset Sound Sunset Sound may as well be hallowed ground in Hollywood. After all, it’s where Eddie Van Halen first laid down the brown sound in the opening riffs of “Runnin’ With the Devil” introducing legions of rockers to Pasadena’s best-kept secret. In Prince’s pre-Paisley Park days, he trusted Sunset Sound when […]

Absorption Rate Analysis: January 2024 Brings a Late Holiday Gift for Buyers

We’ve come to expect lower absorption rates in January, but January 2024 more than understood the assignment. All except one neighborhood dropped further into the buyer’s favor. One dropped further toward the buyer’s favor than we’ve ever seen in a single month. Another has officially camped out at the threshold of the universally accepted buyer’s […]

Waking Up to the Reality of the California Dream For All Program

Originally published on April 25, 2023 Several weeks ago, some of you received an email from your JohnHart agent about a promising new housing loans initiative. Dubbed the California Dream For All Shared Appreciation Loan, it sought to level the playing field for disadvantaged Californians with aspirations of homeownership. Yet, less than two weeks later, […]