JohnHart’s 12 Skills for Exponential Growth in Real Estate – Skill #5: Physical Activity

If you’ve been following along with our series “JohnHart’s 12 Skills for Exponential Growth in Real Estate”, you know we’re somewhat unconventional. But you have to admit, there’s always a method to the madness. Still, you might be wondering how skill #5, “physical activity”, fits into real estate greatness. Putting up “For Sale” signs? Adding […]

Absorption Rate Analysis: February 2023 – New Places, Same Housing Market

After last month’s dramatic (at least at first glance) absorption rates, February’s numbers seemed to move things back to a state of normalcy. Admittedly, “normal” for the Los Angeles housing market would still give a mechanical bull a run for its money. But our agents have learned to ride those bucks and dips without spilling […]

JohnHart’s 12 Skills for Exponential Growth in Real Estate – Skill #4: Writing Skills to Develop Critical Thinking and Beyond

There are myriad reasons you might want to tighten up your writing skills. Believe it or not, critical thinking development is among them. Even if you’re unfamiliar with the term “critical thinking”, you’re using it everyday. It starts with the collection of information and follows with in-depth analysis to help you form an opinion. And […]

Absorption Rate Analysis: January 2023 – Is the Los Angeles Housing Market Making Big Shifts or Treading Water?

At first glance, January seems like it was a big month for the Los Angeles housing market… at least in some neighborhoods. The absorption rate had massive drops toward a buyer’s market in Northridge and Burbank. Then there was a significant drop in Encino which we’ll also examine a bit more in just a moment. […]

Coachella Valley Home Spotlight: The Massive Mansion That Became the Most Expensive Home in the Valley

All photos: Banker During the course of our Home Spotlight series, we’ve mostly focused on homes with history. More often than not, these have been hulking behemoths and architectural oddities that would be more difficult to build in modern times. When was the last time you saw a home constructed on a scale comparable […]

Are Expanded Renters Rights at the Federal Level the Right Direction?

Some are calling it the kind of relief one expects from a functioning first world government. Others are calling it an overreach that ignores the real solution. But no matter how you slice it, the Biden administration announced on Wednesday, January 25 its intention to establish a fledgling “renters bill of rights.” What does this […]

JohnHart’s 12 Skills for Exponential Growth in Real Estate – Skill #3: Mindfulness

No doubt you’ve heard someone spouting the virtues of “living mindfully.” But hearing it doesn’t mean understanding it. Our CEO, founder, and principal broker Harout Keuroghlian describes mindfulness as “pausing with purpose.” And he believes in the concept so much that he’s incorporated it into JohnHart’s 12 Skills for Exponential Growth in Real Estate. Mindfulness […]