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California Evictions in a COVID-19 World

As the COVID-19 crisis began in California, concern grew among lawmakers of potential widespread evictions due to the potential economic ramifications created by the virus. State and local governments were directing individuals to stay at home and encouraged social distancing.  These state and local directives would necessarily impact businesses that relied on people to congregate […]

Notice of Unforseen Coronavirus Circumstances with a red "NOTICE" stamp overlayed.


With the beginning of another week living “Safer at Home”, the California Association of Realtors (“CAR”) released the “Coronavirus Addendum or Amendment” (CVA). This is an update to the Coronavirus Addendum/Amendment released last week.  CAR also released a companion document entitled “Notice of Unforeseen Coronavirus Circumstances” (“NUCC”). Recently, we discussed the CVA and addressed its […]

3D map with pins both for ‘Rent’ and ‘Buy’

The Truth About Renting vs. Owning

In 2019, the millennial generation (those born from 1981-1996) became the largest generation in the United States, finally surpassing the baby boomers. While exact numbers are not available, projections had the famed Millenial generation reaching 73 million members. (For those interested, Generation X is projected to overtake Boomers in 2028).  Delayed Until Further Notice Statistically […]

Double Up Training

The Double Up plan only works with the right training, which is why JohnHart Real Estate CEO Harout Keuroghlian made sure to sit down with agents and develop their plans in detail. The adage rings true Benjamin Franklin: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” See the some of the highlights right here:

The Double Up

As we enter the first days of 2020, JohnHart Real Estate CEO Harout Keuroghlian challenges his agents to double up, to commit to next-level production. He meets with agents at the start of the year to determine their goals and help them aim high. Learn more about this exciting new challenge: