Make Your NYE Party A Banger With These Easy DIY Decorations!


Finally! The end of 2016 has arrived. Let’s pray 2017 has mercy on our souls. As we come closer to ending this year, we all want to make it a party to remember, but did the holidays leave you a little low on the mulah? And for some unknown reason you volunteered to host the New Years Eve Extravaganza but can’t afford decor? Read on my friend, here’s some super easy and quick ideas to make your NYE party look #fancy.

Cover Your Booze

So instead of the infinite bottles of Dom Perignon you promised everyone you would get, how about some 2 buck chucks covered in glitter! Trust me, by the third bottle, no one will be able to tell the difference. Start off with any bottle of bubbly, then grab any kind of spray on adhesive and glitter, be sure to lay some newspaper underneath as you sprinkle the glitter on the bottle, or you will have a lot of vacuuming to do. Spray, sprinkle, and set a few hours aside for dry time. I also like to add bows and lettering for added #fanciness. BAM! You’ll be sippin’ on Dom before you know it.

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Happy New Year Garland

You can make some #supercute NYE garland yourself on the #cheapcheap budget. I prefer #gold and #black themed everything for NYE. Grab some scrap book paper, glittery alphabet letters, mini clothes pins and some gold trim. Cut the scrap book paper into equal shapes (any shape works), then glue on the letters to each piece of scrap book paper. Attach the gold trim and papers to the clothes pins and hang this baby up anywhere!


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Everyone looks better in the dark, so if you think keeping the light in your ceiling fan on is gonna “set the mood”, think again. You know those Christmas lights that teens hang in there room throughout highschool because they think it looks cool? Use them. Grab some of that and hang them EVERYWHERE. Your best bet is to staple/thumbtack them into your ceiling for a super sexy nightlife effect. This lighting is perfect for #selfies and it also hides all the stains on your carpet from your drunk friends!

Image result for christmas lights on the ceiling

Spaghetti Confetti Balloon Poppers

You didn’t think you were going to get away without including confetti in this soiree did you? Confetti balloons are perfect for your drunk friends that you can’t trust to use a traditional confetti popper without hurting someone. Grab a funnel, some balloons, and of course any kind of confetti, as well as a disposable helium tank that you can find at a party store for around $20. Funnel your confetti into the balloons and inflate!

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I freakin’ love Pom Poms, easy to make and they make for a great filler decoration. Tissue paper and string is all you’ll really need, there are dozens of ways to make these, I personally like the Martha Stewart Style. Remember, black and gold!

Image result for nye diy pom poms

Alright my little socialites, let’s ring this New Year with a bang!



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