The Top 25 Realtors in Q4 2016

At JohnHart we’re big believers in lists. We make lists for everything.   Days, weeks, projects, goals, you name it – we list it (real estate pun intended ;-).   While we love all of our lists, and do our best to make sure all of our lists receive equal attention and care, one of our favorites is our Quarterly Top 25 Realtors at JohnHart list.

In addition to recognizing the Top 25 for their hard work in the previous quarter, this list also allows our agents and brokers to compare themselves to their peers in terms of performance.  Watching the movements up and down, and new additions, quarter over quarter is truly inspiring.

As we are several days into the new year, it is time to release our Top 25 for Q4 of 2016 and it is quite an interesting list!

Before we jump in there is one more thing I would like to say:  If you’re on this list, DO NOT make the mistake of thinking you’re safe – there are 200+ agents right behind you and some of them are carrying a lot of business over into Q1 of 2017!!!

Now, without further ado, here are your

Top 25 Realtors for Q4 2016:

  1. Albert & Roubina

  2. Raffi Soualian

  3. Manny Morales

  4. Melissa Urena

  5. Tamar & Ryan

  6. Amy & Marlin

  7. Nonna & Nadia

  8. Christina Marquez

  9. Izabell Manukyan

  10. Martin & Mike

  11.  Rafael Gevorkian

  12. Jessalyn & Shoshana

  13. Michael Barasch

  14. KoKo Partamian

  15. Arthur Chalekian

  16. Jack Kassabian

  17. Tina Keuroghlian

  18. Cyndi Lesinski

  19. Linda Ojeda

  20. Jasmen Ghoogassian

  21. Gayane Arakyelyan

  22. Lilith Berko

  23. Kommerina Adriana De Jong

  24. Mike McDonald

  25. Marina Sermanian


Congrats to everyone on the list, and if you didn’t make the cut, use it as motivation to hustle up this quarter and knock one of these guys off!

Cheers to an amazing 2017,



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John is the Vice President here at JohnHart, and as such is responsible for managing and directing the firm towards obtaining its ultimate goals. He is also one of our main contributors on the Blog. (please see his profile page on the main site for more information.)

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