Robert Downey Jr. and wife Susan Downey

Unique Celebrity Homes: Robert Downey Jr.’s Concrete Clubhouse

Main Photo by Sgt. Michael Connors, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons With an abundance of money surrounding some of our most beloved stars, it’s no surprise that their humble abodes may not be so humble. However, some celebs have taken it to the next level when it comes to customizing a home. Robert Downey Jr. […]

Californians Can Buy and Sell ADU Homes Like Condos Thanks to AB 1033

It’s a great time in California to own an ADU. Last year, our government made it easier than ever to build authorized accessory dwelling units (ADUs). But now, thanks to Assemblyman Phil Ting’s (D-San Francisco) recently drafted Assembly Bill 1033, it’s becoming just as easy to sell these units as ADU homes the way one […]

YIMBY Movement Gains Ground in California While the War Rages On

No, the average Californian doesn’t place an overly inflated importance on their backyard. But if you’ve heard terms like NIMBY or YIMBY, you’d be forgiven for having that impression. These words are simple enough acronyms. NIMBY, the original, stands for “Not In My BackYard.” Therefore, YIMBY, the NIMBY’s arch nemesis, obviously stands for “Yes In […]

Win an Hour with a Top Producer This Thursday at the Women’s Council of REALTORS® Annual Auction

At JohnHart, we’ve always recognized that, for any real estate agent, ongoing development is crucial to success. That’s why we’re thrilled whenever we see organizations promoting opportunities for growth within the competitive real estate industry. Such an opportunity is quickly approaching this Thursday evening. The Women’s Council of REALTORS® is hosting their annual Top Producer […]

Recent Disturbing Accusations Contrast Against LA’s Housing Supply Challenges

Housing supply, or lack thereof, continues to be a hot topic across the state of California. That’s why a recent story, cracked by Robin Urevich of Capital & Main and Gabriel Sandoval of ProPublica, is so unsettling. It’s compounded by another disturbing story highlighted by C.C. de Vere for Empty Los Angeles. At first, they […]

Here’s What to Do if the Home Insurance California Brokers Offer No Longer Covers You

If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you’ve seen it’s getting harder to secure California homeowners insurance. Farmers Insurance, the second most popular home insurance California provider, just announced their intentions to place a cap on new policies. This trails even stricter decisions by State Farm and Allstate to completely cease issuing homeowner’s policies […]