Blending a Real Estate Agent and Loan Officer, the AMLO℠ is the Future of Real Estate

If you missed JohnHart’s {RE}VOLUTION event yesterday, you’ll likely be hearing some of our plans trickling out to the public over the weeks. One of the most hotly discussed topics after the presentation was the introduction of JohnHart’s and Golden Coast Finance’s AMLO℠: a plan that would see qualifying agents potentially multiply their commissions while offering their clients streamlined service. Here’s what you missed in regard to JohnHart’s AMLO℠ program.

What is an AMLO℠?

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An AMLO℠-licensed real estate agent is a relatively new concept. We can say this with confidence because we invented it. Basically, an AMLO℠-licensed agent is one who is legally certified to manage all of your lending and real estate needs. That’s right: one streamlined professional covering two of the most crucial roles you’ll need in your path to property ownership. As you may have guessed, AMLO℠ is an acronym that stands for: 





Simple enough, right? But the benefits of an AMLO℠-licensed real estate professional are numerous; both for the client and the agents themselves. Let’s start by taking a look at some of the reasons why a real estate agent may want to become an AMLO℠.

The Benefits of Becoming an AMLO℠

Good Things Come in Threes… Including Commissions

In October 2023, a case in Missouri concluded with the National Association of Realtors and other entities being convicted of colluding to raise property sales purchase prices. This isn’t news to any practicing agent. Because in the wake of this hearing, more lawsuits followed. And suddenly, an agent’s buyer’s commission isn’t quite the certainty it used to be. 

At JohnHart, we’ve always put clients over commissions. But we’re also realistic. We recognize that if you want to get the best work out of someone, it helps to pay them well. Unfortunately, not everyone shares our philosophy. 

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We still want our buyers’ agents to get paid for their hard work the old-fashioned way. But AMLO℠-licensed agents enjoy some added peace of mind. That’s because they can potentially look forward to not one, not two, but three commission checks at the end of the voyage.

You read that right; an AMLO℠ can claim the following commissions:

  • Buyer’s commission
  • Seller’s commission
  • Loan officer’s commission

An AMLO℠ Sets Their Own Pace

That doesn’t mean you need to go that extra length for each and every transaction. As an AMLO℠, you decide how involved you want to get in each transaction. If it’s not worth it for you to get involved in the lending side of a particular transaction, you have the choice to hang back and strictly cover the agent responsibilities. Basically, you decide which commissions are worth pursuing. You can even just act as an introductory steward, taking a split for a simple handoff. This is your game. You tell us how you want to play it. 

The Closest Thing You’ll Find to Transaction Insurance

Any agent worth their salt has worked a transaction in which things went south. If you’re at JohnHart, we’re betting you pulled out of the experience just fine. But we all have our war stories: the sellers wanting to stiff you on commission at the finish line or the buyer begging for a break.

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An AMLO℠ has the leeway to move more freely under these exacting conditions. That’s because their extra sources of income insulate them against these 11th hour challenges. So what if your buyer needs you to eat some commission to seal the deal? As a fledgling agent, that kind of move can break a sale. But as an AMLO℠, you have more maneuverability to keep your track record squeaky clean while still netting a solid payday. And if the seller tries to leave the buyer holding the bag at close, you’re not going to feel the sting quite like you did in the old days. 

An AMLO℠ is Never Alone

Obviously, the benefits of becoming an AMLO℠-licensed real estate agent stand tall on their own. But since AMLO℠ certification is exclusive to JohnHart agents, they can look forward to the additional benefit of a comprehensive support team. Yes, this means your Agent Liaison, Marketing Manager, Photographers, Videographers, Graphic Designers, Social Media Managers, and so on. But AMLO℠-licensed agents enjoy the added benefit of additional lending-specific support from the following professionals through our partners at Golden Coast Finance:

  • Loan Partner – Got questions? Need crucial documents? Your loan partner handles this while facilitating seamless communication between all parties. 
  • Loan Processor – The liaison between you and your lender, the loan processor makes sure everything stays compliant. 
  • Loan Officer Mentor – Intensive one-on-one training, coaching, and assistance in the field – your loan officer mentor is your lifeline. 
  • Director of Mortgage Sales and Operations – You’ll appreciate the director’s added insight, especially when you’re first starting out as an AMLO℠. And your clients will enjoy that added peace of mind! 
  • Legal Counsel – JohnHart’s legal counsel remains available to AMLO℠-licensed agents (attorney and consultation fees waived for any AMLO℠, of course!)

How Clients Benefit from Working With an AMLO℠

The Only Time One Head is Better Than Two

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Of course, JohnHart being a clients-over-commissions brokerage, we made sure that our clients also vastly benefitted from our agents seeking to become an AMLO℠. We’ll start with the most obvious benefit. Rather than ping-pong between a real estate agent and a lender, a client can now view there AMLO℠ as their one-stop shop for anything transaction-related. Not only does this completely eradicate any chance of miscommunications between an agent and a loan officer. It also means quicker close times with more control, so everything moves at the client’s preferred pace. And if they have questions? They need only pick up the phone a single time. 

Rapid Pre-Approval

Without all of the back-and-forth communication between a loan officer and an agent, clients who choose to work with an AMLO℠ can also expect a quicker pre-approval process. With a streamlined path to a quick clear-to-close, the buying process couldn’t go more smoothly. It’s an attractive alternative for clients already daunted by seeking loans. 

The Confidence of Comprehension

In most cases, confidence follows knowledge. And this best-of-both-worlds comprehension is yet another way that an AMLO℠ delivers value to their clients. Imagine buying your first home and having a real estate agent that intimately understands the full spectrum of the lending process. It sounds like a much more reassuring environment for that nervous first-time buyer. 

With this knowledge, the AMLO℠ can use their discernment to craft a completely customized plan tailor-fit to their client’s specific needs. No surprises at the finish line. An AMLO℠ knows what’s needed so they can help clients map out clear goals and an easy-to-understand path to homeownership. 

Becoming or Working with an AMLO℠

At this point, agents are no doubt wondering how they can begin reaping the benefits of becoming an AMLO℠. And clients are likely curious about how they can find an AMLO℠-licensed agent. 

If you’re a client interested in working with an AMLO℠-licensed real estate agent, you can connect with an AMLO℠ right away by sending an email to: For real estate agents curious about becoming an AMLO℠, you can simply sign up at

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