The Top 25 Agents of Q4 2023

It seems like yesterday that we announced the Top 25 Agents of Q3, and yet here we are again. The final quarter of 2023 closed and the professionals who battled through arguably the toughest quarter to claim their rightful spot in JohnHart’s own hall of fame now stand before us. You’d think Q4 seemed like an ending, or a closing of a chapter at least. But we have a feeling that these agents, who managed to pull gold from a cold, steel market, are already onto the next phase. We still hope they take a moment today to breathe in that sweet fragrance of success. 

The names you see on this list belong to more than real estate agents. They belong to real estate craftsmen. That’s because they didn’t accept the industry, or the marketplace, the way it was handed to them. They sculpted it with an artist’s discerning eye. They envisioned the market they wanted, dug their thumbs in, and created it. 

When you see them, thank them for their artistry and vision. They’re showing what’s possible in this industry, no matter what the media and reports say. They know exactly where they’re going. And sure, life may not always leave a straightforward path, and it rarely if ever makes this career easy. But no matter how far the market blows off course, you can bet these 25 real estate craftsmen will carve their way back to where they wanted to be. Astoundingly impressive work. Make sure they see some love, even if they can’t take their eyes off the future. 

01. Haik Bokhchalian and Associates

02. Raffi Soualian and Associates

03. The LA Agents

04. Albert and Roubina

05. Manny Morales

06. Michael Melik-Bakchian and Associates

07. Clemente De La Torre and Associates

08. Marlin Dginguerian and Associates

09. Samuel Danielyan

10. Robbyn Battles

11. Rafael Gevorkian / RG Realty Group

12. Melissa Urena and Associates

13. Lilith Berko

14. Linda Ojeda and Associates

15. Nick Khachian

16. Kevin Makoyan

17. Ashley Maldonado

18. Sevana Grigor

19. Grace Kim

20. Macy Lucarelli

21. Lori Dekermenjian

22. Deep Singh

23. Angela Oganesyan

24. Angela So

25. Tie: Nesrin Homes and Marine Janikyan

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