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johnhart superlatives

Your URGENT vote is required! Cast your vote as soon as possible. Winners will be revealed at tonight’s award ceremony.

Vote with Purpose – JohnHart Award Superlatives

It’s time to shine the spotlight on these incredible individuals. As we reflect on the past year, it’s clear that each and every one of you has contributed to our success in unique and invaluable ways. To honor these contributions and celebrate the exceptional individuals among us, we’re thrilled to introduce the JohnHart Superlatives! These accolades recognize the diverse talents and dedication that make our company truly exceptional: staff members and agents alike.

Now, it’s your turn to participate! We invite you to cast your votes in the survey below to nominate your colleagues for these prestigious bragging rights. Let’s come together to celebrate our achievements and recognize the outstanding individuals who help make our workplace a vibrant and inspiring community.

The winners we be revealed tonight at our 2023 Award / Jersey Ceremony! It is crucial that you vote ASAP in order to make your voice heard & vote matter. Make your choices known by answering all nine superlatives below.

The survey has concluded! Thank you for your votes.


  • Most Likely to Become Famous – Brittany Porter
  • Ray of Sunshine Award – Marylin Mahmoudi
  • Most Likely to Be a Superhero – Haik Bokhchalian
  • Best Shoulder to Cry On – Silvia Hairapetian
  • Best Dressed – Syuzi Hakobyan
  • Best Person to Grab a Beer With – Giovany Kirakossian
  • Most Likely to Save the Day – Nick Taschyan
  • Picasso Award (Most Creative) – Louisa Park
  • Best Couple – Marine Janikyan & Nick Khachian
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