Looking for the Best British Pub in Los Angeles?

For a city that is decidedly not in Great Britain, Los Angeles is home to a surprising number of British pubs. Now we know what you’re thinking: can we really call an establishment a British pub if it’s in California? We suppose it’s a bit like trying to find an authentic Mexican restaurant in London. That being said, our list of the best British pubs in LA is chock full of watering holes serving up just enough authenticity to keep ex-pats from getting too homesick while giving Anglophiles the taste of dear ol’ Blighty (with American sugar levels so no one gets in too far over their head). 

5.) Robin Hood British Pub

Sherman Oaks
Photo credit: Robin Hood British Pub

Robin Hood may not be the most atmospheric British pub on our list, but they arguably serve up the best fish and chips you’ll find in the Greater Los Angeles area. (The Olde Ship might be a touch better, but you’ll need to drive to Orange County; a deal breaker for many an Angeleno.) Since 1982, the Sherman Oaks pub has been owned and managed by British ex-pats, so there is a strong degree of authenticity to the fare. But they’re also working with American ingredients. On the one hand, that means the delightfully flakey batter may be a bit sweeter than what you’d expect from an English chippy. On the other hand, you’re probably enjoying a higher-quality of cod. But homesick Brits and Anglophiles alike will enjoy a wide selection of imported beers, treacly sweets like Battenburg cake and puddings, and enough darts to build up a fit throwing arm. 

4.) The Fox and Hounds

Studio City
Photo credit: The Fox and Hounds

Hands down the best place to catch Premier League footie in Studio City, the Fox and Hounds is another British-owned pub. The crowds were both a blessing and a curse, depending on the atmosphere you wanted. But with the renovation of the parking lot into an outdoor seating area, personal space has become a bit more manageable. Promising 16 imported draft beers and a dozen bottled, it’s a perfect spot to grab a pint before a Hollywood Bowl show or enjoy a full English on a Sunday morning. 

3.) The Cat & Fiddle

Photo credit: The Cat and Fiddle

A Hollywood take on the classic British pub, the Cat & Fiddle is a rough-around-the-edges spot with plenty of atmosphere. Somehow, it manages just enough authenticity to feel decidedly English without compromising its California vibes. Service is top-notch, the characters are interesting, and the food is… there. But this is a pub with a pedigree. The Cat & Fiddle was founded by Brit bassist Kim Gardner who played in psych mod outfit The Creation among other luminary bands. Unfortunately, he’s no longer with us, but the Cat and Fiddle continues to play on. 

2.) Lucky Baldwin’s

Photo credit: Lucky Baldwin’s

If you’re a Pasadena local and Burbank’s Robin Hood is too far to drive for your fish-and-chips fix, Lucky Baldwin’s is your spot. Fortunately, fish and chips isn’t the primary selling point of this popular watering hole. Located in Old Pasadena, Lucky Baldwin’s offers up a staggering 63 beers on tap. Plenty of imported classics from which to choose to fill that pint-sized hole in your heart, not to mention a legendary full English. It also attracts a pretty rowdy football club for Premier League matches. Considering the original Lucky Baldwin’s penchant for competition, we wouldn’t expect anything less from a British pub christened with his name. 

1.) Ye Olde King’s Head

Santa Monica
Photo credit: Ye Olde King’s Head

Anyone who knows their way around a British pub would know Ye Olde King’s Head would be wearing the crown for this list. Sure, the pub fare is probably sweeter than what you’d get in the homeland. But it’s all there: Scotch eggs, fish and chips, sticky toffee pudding. But what really sets Ye Olde King’s Head on the throne is the atmosphere. It has that English countryside living room feeling that all of the best British pubs exude. Walking distance from the Santa Monica Pier, you could close your eyes and almost imagine you’re in Brighton-Hove. The cherry on top of the currant bun? The Cure played an impromptu set at Ye Olde King’s Head in 1996. So, it’s got Robert Smith’s seal of approval! 

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