The Last Chuck E. Cheese Animatronic Band in the World is Playing a Northridge Residency

Featured image credit: Ben Schumin What a year for legendary bands. New wave icons Devo retired from live performance. Rock gods Kiss called it a day. And now Munch’s Make Believe Band is packing it all in… with one notable exception. Wait, you don’t remember Munch’s Make Believe Band? Surely you’ve had the singular experience […]

That Service Fee Restaurant Owners Are Pushing is Leaving Diners Confused and Frustrated

Dining out is a major part of the quintessential Los Angeles experience. The convening of the city’s disparate cultures are mirrored in flavor combinations you won’t find anywhere else. You can discover culinary wonders to perk up palates from fine dining establishments to corner food trucks. But chasing that foodie fix is becoming more tough […]