LAUSD Schools are set to reopen, but most parents refuse to send students back

LAUSD Schools Set to Reopen, But Most Parents Refuse to Send Students Back

After what could only be described as a horrendous school year for students, LAUSD has finally approved a plan to reopen campuses across Los Angeles. Given the harsh realities of distance learning, one might expect that a return to the classroom would be met with thunderous applause. However, parents’ reception to this news has largely […]

Black homeownership is at a historic low, due in large part to exceedingly high mortgage denial rates. Pictured is a bar graph with a 12.64% denial rate for black buyers and a 6.15% denial rate for all races.

The Truth about the Income and Racial Gaps in Black Homeownership

In the land of the free, building wealth is about as American as free speech. But, the reality is that income and racial gaps have prevented an overwhelming number of black families from pursuing homeownership in the United States. The sad truth is that numerous factors contribute to the stark statistical imbalance regarding Black homeownership. […]

As Los Angeles increases vaccination clinics to reach more people of color, we explore why it came to this.

Los Angeles Increases Rolling Vaccination Clinics to Reach More People of Color

If you’ve been tracking vaccination efforts in California and the United States, you know it’s not going well. Not even a little bit. In fact, multiple states across the country are lagging behind. Numerous factors are slowing the vaccine rollout. In short, manufacturing and distribution issues have been exacerbated by inclement weather in the midwest […]

Doctor holds up a vial of a COVID-19 vaccine set aside for teachers, thanks to California Governor Gavin Newsom

California Will Save 10% of its Vaccine Supply for Teachers Starting March 1

Debates over the reopening of schools in the Golden State continue to rage as parents, teachers, and administrators cannot seem to get on the same page. The latest news from the state’s office is a hard push to jump-start the reopening process for in-person learning. Specifically, California will save 10% of its vaccine supply for […]

Return to school during covid-19 concept . Chalkboard with handwritten text and face mask hanging on table

Los Angeles Nears Threshold to Reopen Schools, but LAUSD Teachers Union Says It’s Too Soon

According to the Los Angeles County Health Department, local elementary schools could be eligible to reopen in-person instruction within a matter of weeks. But the LAUSD Teachers Union says otherwise, noting that the current purple tier (the most restrictive tier in Governor Newsom’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy) makes in-person education not safe enough. LA […]

Two women dining outside in California

Governor Newsom Lifts Stay-at-Home Order and Curfew

There is positive news today from Sacramento, as California’s Governor Gavin Newsom lifts the stay-at-home order and the 10pm-5am curfew across the state. The decision comes as coronavirus conditions continue to improve, with intensive care unit (ICU) capacity ameliorating enough to merit the change. The stay-at-home order applied to the Southern California, San Joaquin Valley, […]