LAUSD Schools are set to reopen, but most parents refuse to send students back

LAUSD Schools Set to Reopen, But Most Parents Refuse to Send Students Back

After what could only be described as a horrendous school year for students, LAUSD has finally approved a plan to reopen campuses across Los Angeles. Given the harsh realities of distance learning, one might expect that a return to the classroom would be met with thunderous applause. However, parents’ reception to this news has largely […]

Black homeownership is at a historic low, due in large part to exceedingly high mortgage denial rates. Pictured is a bar graph with a 12.64% denial rate for black buyers and a 6.15% denial rate for all races.

The Truth about the Income and Racial Gaps in Black Homeownership

In the land of the free, building wealth is about as American as free speech. But, the reality is that income and racial gaps have prevented an overwhelming number of black families from pursuing homeownership in the United States. The sad truth is that numerous factors contribute to the stark statistical imbalance regarding Black homeownership. […]