Absorption Rate Analysis – May 2024: Relief for Buyers at the Edge of a Heatwave

It’s been an interesting month in the Greater LA housing market as more housing inventory flows into a parched market. We ended April’s absorption rate analysis with a prescient statement: “We did see a higher number of houses for sale in Los Angeles hitting the market in April. If that trend continues, we may see […]

Absorption Rate Analysis: April 2024 – More Houses for Sale in Los Angeles But the Surprises End There

April 2024 brings more of that same energy we saw in March as the industry shakes off the accumulated frost of the holiday hibernation. A lot of our communities continued to climb further into the seller’s market, though with less severity. One neighborhood really ingratiated itself to sellers with a double-digit surge. But it was […]

Absorption Rate Analysis: March 2024 – The Market’s Warming Up Further for Sellers

Now these are some numbers that look familiar. The housing market has spent a couple of months in the wake of the holidays stretching out of hibernation. But March’s nearly straight run of surges brings us back to very familiar territory. Maybe painfully familiar for buyers. It was a month that saw neighborhoods surging further […]

JohnHart’s 12 Skills for Exponential Growth in Real Estate: Skill #12 – Persuading Others

We’re ending JohnHart’s 12 Skills for Exponential Growth in Real Estate series strong with the often misunderstood art, or should we say science, of persuasion. Persuading others is an integral skill that transcends a profession in real estate. And it’s easy to confuse it with influencing, the skill we previously explored in this series. While […]

Absorption Rate Analysis – February 2024: Not the Expected Slingshot Into Seller’s Territory

February’s come and gone and we have to say it wasn’t quite the expected mad dash deeper into seller’s territory. Typically, when we see a nearly unanimous drop toward the buyer’s favor like what we witnessed in January, it’s just the beginning of the slingshot being pulled back. The next month is almost always a […]

Absorption Rate Analysis: January 2024 Brings a Late Holiday Gift for Buyers

We’ve come to expect lower absorption rates in January, but January 2024 more than understood the assignment. All except one neighborhood dropped further into the buyer’s favor. One dropped further toward the buyer’s favor than we’ve ever seen in a single month. Another has officially camped out at the threshold of the universally accepted buyer’s […]

Absorption Rate Analysis: December 2023 – Secretly Good News for Buyers?

As our absorption rate analysis blogs have likely emphasized by now, statistics are often at the whim of interpretation. These numbers are concrete: they tell us something that actually happened. A certain number of homes were sold in a given area. A certain number of homes were on the market in that same area. Anything […]

JohnHart’s 12 Skills for Exponential Growth in Real Estate: Skill #11 – Influencing

Before we started writing our regular JohnHart 12 Skills for Exponential Growth in Real Estate column, our CEO, Founder, and Principal Broker, Harout Keuroghlian, wrote an insightful and exploratory blog on the power of influence. While the practice of influencing hasn’t changed since that blog was published, its importance in real estate has stirred up […]

Absorption Rate Analysis – November 2023: Significant Jumps and Drops Bring an Unusual End to Autumn

Last month, we talked about the calm before the storm. Well, we wouldn’t ring the alarms just yet, but November gave us a bit more drama than October with some decent rises and falls across the Greater Los Angeles area. It’s a surprising amount of absorption rate activity for a time when the market is […]