Glee Creator Buys in Beverly Hills Flats


The mastermind creator of Glee, Ryan Murphy, has had his eyes set on his current purchase for over three years. He gave the Hollywood Reporter a grand tour of the Spanish Sanctuary and now we share this with you. Formerly Diane Keaton’s humble abode, Murphy felt it was the right move, now that he is married, to take on an architectural project for his artistic senses. He teamed with Cliff Fong for the renovation project in his new home at the Beverly Hills Flats to make his ironic dreams come alive. With a liking to the dark, intricate, unique, sexy side of things, Murphy lead Fong in a direction that turned this colonial into an eclectic ranch inspired home with period pieces that relatively normal homeowners may shriek upon viewing.  For instance, a piece that shows two minks taxidermied with their heads cut off and now bodies connected. Murphy states it’s a one of a kind piece representing love and unity. He has fallen so hard for the home and design that he recreates scenes for his recent production, “The New Normal”, which imitates his home.






Source: Photography from Hollywood Report taken by Douglas Friedman.

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