The Top 25 Realtors for Q2 2017

top 25 realtors

‘Time and tide wait for no man’, nor apparently does the forward progress of
JohnHart Real Estate Agents!

As is tradition, at the end of every quarter we publish the list of our Top 25 Realtors in Los Angeles, Valencia, Sherman Oaks, Glendale, Burbank, Palmdale, Long Beach, Beverly Hills, and La Canada!  The long list of cities doesn’t mean that these agents aren’t the top 25 real estate agents everywhere else, it just means that we understand how SEO works 😉

All joking aside, we were once again blown away by the hard work and hustle of our agents!  Every real estate agent and broker under the sun is “constantly reinventing” themselves –  it says so in their bio’s – but if you look at the numbers it’s obvious that those are just words.  We’re big on numbers, in fact we launched a proprietary cloud based software this past quarter that allows our agents to track their numbers in real time, and it shows in our performance.

One number that jumped out at us while reviewing this past quarter was 50.  Not because it’s a nice number, and kind of fun to say, but because roughly 50% of our agents closed a sale during Q2 of 2017!   Another one that caught our eye was 7.3.  While it’s not as fun as 50 to say, it’s even more important because it is our Per Capita Production.  We’re operating at a level where we’re closing 7.3 sales for every 1 agent or broker.  Now, if you know your real estate brokerage numbers than you know that’s more than 3x the industry average when looking at our peers in the big brokerage category.

We genuinely wish that we could publish the entire list of our real estate agents who sold something during this past quarter, but that would negate the point of having the list at all.

If you’re a JohnHart agent you should feel extremely proud of yourself, and of your teammates, because this past quarter was nothing short of monumental!

Without further ado, here are the 25 Top Realtors for Q2 2017:

1. Cyndi Lesinski & Associates

2. Albert & Roubina

3. Amy & Marlin

4. Martin & Mike

5. Rafael Gevorkian

6. Melissa Urena & Associates

7. Tamar & Ryan House

8. Raffi Soualian

9. Christina Marquez

10. Manny Morales

11. Nonna & Nadia

12. Elvin Apelian

13. Izabell Manukyan

14. Giovana Uribe Gonzales

15. Silvia Hairapetian

16. Larry Faris

17. Chad Schlotterback

18. Kommerina Adriana De Jong

19. Linda Ojeda

20. Jasmen Ghookassian

21. Lilith Berko

22. Antonio Vaziri

23. Amy Emmoyan

24. Mike McDonald

25. Levik & Anita Stephan

Amazing job everyone, keep up the hardwork, and stay tuned for the Q3 list!!!

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