The Top 10 Outdoor Halloween Decorations And Where To Buy Them

It’s that time of year where everyone on the block decorates their homes for the trick-or-treaters, and you need some creative decor, too! Ideas for decorations are plentiful, and so are the materials. From pumpkins to spiders to fake cobwebs, there are many ways to spook up your outdoor space in time for Halloween.

What’s trending in the world of decorating your front yard or porch for Halloween? Spooky is always in, but some other popular trends among homeowners include cute or funny decorations as well. Here’s the list of the most popular Halloween decorations in 2021 that you can easily grab for yourself in time for the holiday.

1. The Famous Giant Skeleton

You’ve probably heard about this guy on the internet already because for two years in a row, he’s the hottest Halloween decoration there is, and he sold out in record time from Home Depot. The original price tag was $300. Now, there are dupes for this huge skeleton from other companies such as Amazon (for $1000).

2. Halloween Flamingos

Another winning decoration from Home Depot is this set of cute lawn flamingos in black and orange. If you like humorous Halloween decor and aren’t afraid to be a little kitschy, these birds would be perfect for your lawn! A pack of two (one orange and one black) is $22.49 at Home Depot.

3. Hocus Pocus Doormat

Spirit Halloween has multiple items themed after this beloved 90s Halloween movie, but this doormat is definitely the favorite among fans and customers. Spirit Halloween stores pop up just about everywhere this time of year, but you can also order this doormat online for $21.99.

4. Animated Rising Ghost Woman

Party City has a spectacularly spooky yard decoration that will scare the pants off of most trick-or-treaters! This floating ghoul girl is the hottest selling item at Party City right now. For $149.99, this spirit will rise up and float around making eerie sounds.

5. Pre-Lit Smoking Haunted Stump

At Sam’s Club, the most popular Halloween item is this spooky glowing tree stump that makes fog seep out of its mouth! It arrives pre-lit and ready to be plugged in and used to greet trick or treaters. For only $58.98, find this fun tree stump decor at a Sam’s Club near you or online.

6. Animated Dueling Banjo Skeletons

Costco never disappoints with its holiday offerings. This year, Costco members have been going crazy for these funny skeletons playing banjos. You can set them to be motion-activated, and they’ll come to life, banter, and begin to play “Dueling Banjos” music. They move around and their eyes light up. Find these silly skeletons at Costco for $89.99.

7. Rae Dunn Haunted Birdhouse

The Rae Dunn craze has taken over. While most of these cute items can be found at Home Goods or online, it seems that the most popular Halloween items have mostly sold out, but can still be found on second-hand selling websites, like this Halloween birdhouse on Mercari for $125. There are a few Rae Dunn Halloween birdhouses out there that are adorably wicked, but you’ll have to do some digging (and possibly some outbidding) to find them for sale.

8. Animated Doorbell with Eye

Ding dong, eek! This fun and creepy Halloween prop is selling like crazy at Target. This animated Halloween decoration features a large spooky eyeball that gives off a bright green glow for a chilling seasonal vibe. Hang it next to your front door to surprise guests. And best of all, it’s only $15!

9. Corpse in a Cocoon

Now this is scary! At 72 inches long, this creepy prop can be hung up to terrify passersby. Hang it along with fake spider webs and big prop spiders to make it seem like some poor soul was captured by spiders. This is one of Amazon’s best-selling outdoor Halloween decorations, and you can get it on Amazon for $28.99.

10. The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack and Sally Archway

The Nightmare Before Christmas is always a popular decor theme for Halloween (and sometimes Christmas, too). This year, Walmart is selling a super cool yard inflatable meant to look like an archway with the silhouettes of Jack and Sally. It stands at an impressive 7 feet tall. It’s been a big hit with Halloween-lovers and you can get it at Walmart for $59.

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