The Top 25 Agents of Q3 2021

Top 25 Agents of Quarter 3, 2021

It’s no surprise we had yet another groundbreaking quarter in Q3 2021. We may sound like a broken record, as each quarter is more profound than the previous. However, this is no small feat. Our agents dug deep and pulled out all the stops. Despite market shifts, a global pandemic, and hesitant buyers and sellers – our agents showed true vigor and made Q3 of 2021 a quarter to remember. Every single agent, staff member, and client is to thank for our success. As always, it’s a team effort. However, as in any team, there are ever-changing MVPs. Here are our standout agents from quarter three that truly propelled their business to the next level. Congratulations to our Top 25 Agents of Q3, 2021:

1) Haik Bokhchalian

2) Raffi Soualian and Associates

3) Rafael Gevorkian / RG Realty Group Inc

4) Blas Fernandez Property Group

5) The Julian Group

6) The LA Agents

7) Albert & Roubina 

8) Michael Melik Bakchian

9) Nick Khachian

10) Silvia Hairapetian

11) Karl Markarian

12) Melissa Urena & Associates

13) Marlin Dginguerian

14) Marine Janikyan

15) Robbyn Battles

16) Elvin Apelian & Associates

17) Charlie Khachian

18) Linda Ojeda & Associates

19) Lori Dekermenjian

20) Hovik Yepremyan

21) Manny Morales

22) Larry Faris

23) Beti Abedian

24) Kimberly Inocente

25) Laura Carballo

Well done to all of our Top 25 of Q3. The year 2021 hasn’t been easy, but it never deterred these top agents from putting their best foot forward for their clients. As is tradition, we are rewarding these top agents, as well as the staff members that backed them throughout every single transaction. We are ecstatic to announce that all of the agents on this list and ALL of our dedicated staff are headed to Las Vegas next week to celebrate! Collectively, we’re looking forward to dinner, cocktails, (gambling), and spending quality time with one another. When we say we function as a family, we aren’t lying. Families that travel together – stay together! 

Also, be sure and stay tuned for a special video in the weeks to come… what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Make sure to subscribe to our blog and newsletter so you don’t miss it. Now, let’s make Q4 another one for the record books. Time to show off what #JohnHartStrong really means. We look forward to smashing many more records in the months to come!

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