Best Restaurants In Palmdale With Outdoor Dining: Open Now

We love food, and we want to share some delicious picks in your hometown. Have you been craving a bountiful breakfast? Looking for a great lunch spot? We have you covered. Check out these sensational restaurants:

1.       California Fish Grill

With food as good as it looks, this divine grill will set new expectations for food quality. They are dedicated to responsibly-sourced and sustainable seafood — partnering with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program to secure delicious and healthy food for future generations. California Fish Grill carries a wide variety of fish and seafood to please every person’s taste buds. Try out the Fried Catfish, Breaded Shrimp plate, or go raw with their amazing Cajun Seared Ahi Tuna plate.

white plate on wood table with fish tacos onion corn tomatoes sauce and a fried zucchini
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2.       Baracoa Cuban Restaurant

Are you ready for out-of-this-world flavors? This Cuban restaurant uses a unique style of cooking called Creole, which combines culinary arts from around the world, including tropical, African, and European cuisine. Owners Tony, Rick, and Danny opened and dedicated this restaurant to honor their grandmother, who inspired many of the recipes they use today.

wood table with white long rectangular plate on top fried meat with toppings and cilantro coleslaw red onion and a rice cake with meat on top
Photo Credit: Baracoa Cuban Restaurant


3.       Chelly’s Café

Now, this is a place to bring the family! Chelly’s Café creates freshly-made breakfast and lunch combos in a family-friendly environment. This highly rated café offers homemade muffins, biscuits, jellies, and salsa, just to name a few. Their recipes are derived from their other popular restaurant, Nat’s Early Bite. Boasting many years’ experience pleasing people and their stomachs, this place is one eatery you don’t want to miss.

black table white round plate with a large waffle on top with strawberries whip cream and powdered sugar on top and side of butter in a paper cup and chocolate sauce in a silver cup
Photo Credit: Leonard S.


4.       Las Originales Mexican Bar and Grill

Are you a sports fan? This bar and grill provides streaming sports and transforms into a club at night. No need to worry about holding a riveting conversation when your dining experience is chock-full of entertainment in every direction. Their dishes are imbued with authenticity, hailing from Guadalajara. Time to dine and delight yourself with a magical experience!

Photo Credit: Las Originales Mexican Bar and Grill


5.       Claim Jumper

If you have been dying for a great happy hour, Claim Jumper is your place! They serve creatively crafted cocktails, mouth-watering tacos, and delicious desserts. Their pretzel bites with cheddar cheese sauce and mustard are nothing short of incredible. Plus, the New England clam chowder here is sensational, and their strawberry cream cheese pie is outstanding. Don’t delay any further, stake your claim at Claim Jumper.

black stone table with light wood square platter with bbq ribs tri tip meat sauce parsely bbq chicken in a metal plate cup of bbq sauce beer spoon on top
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6.       Lucky Roxy’s Café

Bring your family somewhere that prides themselves on customer service and quality food. Bring them to Roxy’s. With abundant servings, a warm atmosphere, and superb prices, your kids will thank you and ask when they can go back. Here you will find a vast menu to ensure your little ones eat something scrumptious to fill their tummies.

light wood table with white decorative plate and a large banana and strawberry crepe with chocolate drizzle and nutella whip cream and powdered sugar white napkin in background
Photo credit: Ruth K.


7.       Sharky’s Woodfired Mexican Grill

Eat to your heart’s content and feel good about yourself with Sharky’s wide variety of healthy and appetizing food. We suggest the original tacos, power plate with shrimp, and their remarkable watermelon lemonade (made with real fruit and fresh every day!). This adorable establishment features a gorgeous design and invites you to become part of their family. Never go hungry, call Sharky’s.

wood table with black plastic basket and sharky's paper with breakfast burrito with avocado eggs ham rice in it and chips on side
Photo Credit: Google Customer Image


What do you think? Have you tried any of these marvelous restaurants? We would love to know. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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