The Right Way to Home Feng Shui

Feng Shui (fēngshuǐ) is described as special rules about flow of energy, aimed at achieving synchronization within an environment. Are you curious to know a little more about how feng shui can symbolize positivity with slight alterations around the house? Follow the guide below for The Right Way to Home Feng Shui:


Front Door Entry is essential for creating good energy and opportunities in your life because it represents how chi (life) enters your home.

  • Declutter & remove any debris
  • Make sure space is well lit & bright







Windows symbolize adults’ eyes in the home. For children, it symbolizes their voice. Therefore, it is crucial to clean your windows on a regular basis.

  • Grab your cleaning supplies and start cleaning
  • Get the family involved – help create a bond of virtuous energy within the family.





Commanding Position illustrates your position in life. You must be able to see the door which means you must be aligned diagonally.

  • Desk symbolizes your career
  • Stove symbolizes your wealth
  • Bed symbolizes you







Plants bring vitality and life into your home. The following are some plants that are a necessity around the house.


  • Aloe clears the air of toxins which embodies healing energy.
  • Ponytail Palm illustrates inner balance of the yin and yang energy.
  • Citrus Trees around the house denote health, wealth and prosperity.

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